Holster Testimonials

Foxy Tucks mentioned on WealthSteading Podcast. After wearing the Foxy Tuck in his home for two weeks, John Pugliano was motivated to get his conceal carry BECAUSE the holster was so comfortable & concealable!

I snip’d out a lot of his podcast, so you can hear just about Liberty Fox Defense, Foxy Tuck & Thomas.

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Another honorable mention on John Pugliano’s Wealth Steading Podcast.

Liberty Fox Defense is my passion & happiness!

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I took the Foxy Tuck “swimming” accidentally recently. My gun (after cleaning/oiling it) & holster were just fine.  I work my farm hard and this holster is by far the best holster I’ve ever owned.

Ryan S. (Owner of the “Foxy Tuck” fitted for a  kel tec pf9)

I just wanted to let everyone know how incredible this “FoxyTuck” holster is!!  Once you find the sweet spot it is like you aren’t even wearing it.  It is comfortable, easily concealed and most of all it makes presenting very easy and fast!  I have shown it to several family members and they are now proud owners of them as well.  Love the new natural leather with black Kydex look!  The double mag holder that you made me for the LC9 balances everything out perfectly!  This beats all the different holsters I was looking at.  You can tell this has been made by a person who really knows about personal defense and takes quality seriously!

Mike R. (Owner of the “Foxy Tuck” fitted for a Ruger LC9)- buyer of FIVE Foxy Tucks

Hey Thomas,
Thank you so much for this holster. I can already tell I will carry more often with it (and I wore it today).
It is easier to put on/take off than my other, and it reduces the felt weight and profile of the gun. I will be
sure to write a great review for your website very soon. I will probably be ordering two more from you

T. H. (Owner of the “Foxy Tuck” fitted for a Ruger SP101 Revolver 357 stainless 3″)–Buyer of FIVE Foxy Tucks


“I recently purchased a Foxy Tuck holster and absolutely love it!  I needed something I could depend on to meet my needs and expectations.  I was concerned that the holster would be too large and uncomfortable to wear.  But it is not!  My sons have also told me that they can’t tell I’m wearing anything extra.  The ease of presenting and holstering was also a big plus.  It is truly an accessory that I feel comfortable wearing, and even more comfortable in knowing I am prepared and capable.  And Thomas is always so willing to answer questions, offer suggestions, and share important safety tips.  I absolutely recommend this, particularly to any female who is feeling intimidated about the ability to carry a truly concealed weapon.”
Thanks again, Thomas!
Kristin M. (Owner of the “Foxy Tuck” fitted for S&W Bodyguard 380)- Buyer of THREE Foxy Tucks
Dear Brother Thomas:I like the “Foxy Tuck” very much.
Extreme Positive points:
1. Comfort.
2. Concealability.
3.  Anchors holstered weapons and pants in place!  Little need for secondary suspenders!! (Unique feature, better than all others, including belt-holsters!)
Widely-spaced metal clips that swivel allow for a needed latitude in positioning along waistband with various loops positions.
Learning Curve:
It takes awhile to learn how to reholster.  The holster holds the weapon in closer than the other IWB holsters I’ve used for 20+ years.  I n0w holster well, thinking to insert the pistol closer to the body, right beside the skin.  Now very easy.
Also a little extra mini-rotation as the triggerguard comes into it’s correct position.  Very nice, tight and secure.  (I like it.)
Our Single-fold Mag Pouch:

It is working well.  I do not know it’s there.  It works with G36 and G19/23/32 mags equally well.  The design has merit, and I encourage you to continue to work with it.  Try wrapping the still-malleable kydex over a magazine with a strap clamp to cool and harden.
Doc Gunn (Tony B.) (owner of the “Foxy Tuck” fitted for a Glock 36). Owner of at least 5 Foxy Tuck Holsters.

CFP/CCW Testimonials

Hey Thomas,

I just wanted to write a quick email and tell you thank you for such a great
class last weekend…and about the holster…I am kind of bummed I was
hoping it wouldn’t be so awesome and sooooo comfortable…sigh…now I am
going to have to spend more money to get one for my G23.  You and Todd
really did an awesome job with these foxy holsters…kudos…you have some

Hope you have a great day.




On Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 4:25 PM, Marisa J . wrote:


I just wanted to thank you for coming over to my home and presenting
the concealed weapons course for my friends and I. I had a chance to
talk to a few of them today and they were all very impressed with your
presentation. It was very well done, the information was great, and I
wasn’t ever bored! I will be sure to give your information to anyone
else interested!

~Marisa J.




Thanks again for the CFP class.  I’ve taken a few over the years and yours was the best.  Safety and proper training seemed to be your priority, which is very much appreciated.  Other classes want to rush you through and may give you a false sense of security.  However, I was very pleased that your class stressed the need for ongoing training, which is critical if one decides to carry a firearm.

Thanks again for a great class.

– Jason T.


I can’t thank you enough for the CFP class.  The class time flowed quickly and the information was always understandable and interesting to me.  I appreciate your taking time in class to answer questions and particularly for letting me get extra education needed as a female for fitting tips on concealed holsters, purses, as well as education to help me be informed and more confident in my abilities and rights as a CFP holder.
Kristin M.
I really enjoyed your presentation in your CFP class. My oldest son and I both took your class a few weeks apart and had a great discussion afterwards.  You kept the class fun and interesting and I can’t thank you enough for the information and instruction we did receive.  Great Job.  I highly recommend this class.
James R.
Thomas’ class was awesome! I just showed up and he had everything planned out. He had all the paperwork ready and makes it very easy to get the application ready. He gives you the best, easy-to-understand explanation for everything you need for the basic concealed firearm permit. He helps it all make sense without watering it down. He also stresses the need for starting firearm training so that you can be safe. A basic CFP is just the beginning and he helps you understand that. I’ve also seen a few of his FoxyTuck holsters and I’m excited to get one once I’ve decided on the gun I will carry.
Matt E.
Thomas’s CFP class was absolutely worth the cost. He answered all the class’s questions thoroughly and gave detailed instruction on Utah gun law and proper weapon manipulation. Fingerprints and photos were of professional quality, and it was convenient to have the entire course in one evening!
Tristan M
Hi Thomas,
Thanks so much for your class I learned so much and feel ready to take the next step. Which is a big leap from where I was, thank you for educating me on the value and importance of protecting ourselves.
Also for long term learning, what was the name of the range you suggested for more training beyond that?
Thanks for your continued help.
Jennifer E.
I had the opportunity to take Thomas’ Concealed Firearms class on Monday. I wanted to recommend his services to anyone who might be interested in learning more about carrying a concealed weapon.
I was very nervous about taking this step but I felt like it was important for me to do at this time. Thomas’s class was the right place for me to go. He was very knowledgeable about Utah gun law and very careful about the responsibility to bear arms. He was extremely concerned about safety which was very important to me.
Thomas’s class gave me a basic but broad education in the area of carrying. The class was several hours long so that he could teach all he felt was necessary and he was happy to answer questions afterwards. His wife, Karen was also helpful in answering my questions.
I felt like I got enough information to make good informed choices for myself and my family. Thomas has also been a help in recommending others who can help me learn more.
If any of this sounds important to you, I’d happily recommend you contact Thomas. Below is his information.
Jennifer E