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I have EXTENSIVE mileage with these products and I can recommend them without hesitation! I stake my reputation on this gear. I KNOW you will be happy with this gear!

sog dua multi-tool, protac 1aa & uniball pen


Yep, I made those pouches.

emergency bandage (IBD) with gaffer-tape, sypderco endura wave, husky “box cutter”, spare cash in phone case along with some micro-lock-picks

In-case-of-emergency (ICE) phone number of emergency contact on mobile-device.


My custom made pouches (Light, Multitool, spare-mag)

  • GUN: Your firearm of choice. For me it is usually a kel tec pf9 or S&W shield. (AND spare magazine).
  • COMMUNICATION: Cell phone (smart phones are awesome for what you can get done and research…but battery fails too quickly). Consider a “battery backup charger” or THISone for your phone. THIS has saved me many times!
  • TIME: SIMPLE watch, being an IT guy and seeing technology FAIL all the time, I LOVE a simple watch. Citzen’s ecodrive are my favorite because you never change the battery, they recharge via solar. Saves time & money and never have to swap the battery! and MAY survive an EMP.  My next eco drive watch will be the Military version.
  • Snake loads (birdshot in a pistol cartridge).  Believe it or not, I bump into rattlesnakes pretty often.
  • Discrete EDC “tactical non-tactical pants”. I started with the 5.11 taclite, then I found the blackhawks that were more “professional”, but I’ve arrived at what I believe to be the perfect EDC tactical/non-tactical pants. VERTX Phantoms. I like how discrete they are and I still have a awesome phone pocket, and pocket for my major-medical. The only thing I’d change is the front pockets, seem too big for pocket carry (they spill my contents on the couch if I’m not careful).  Also the wave-open/emerson open knives have a hard time catching the wave to deploy the knife…so I end up carrying my wave in the right rear pocket.
    • Tactical Pants. For the range I LOVE 5.11 taclite pro pants  The 5.11 have a more aggressive slant rear pocket and a “utility” strap in the rear, that doesn’t look as professional as the blackhawk pants IMO. Try them, you’ll LOVE them. and they last forever!
    • Vertx phantom for the office, and taclite pro or blackhawk for adventures. I slightly prefer 5.11 for the range, over blackhawks (blackhawks have those nasty elastic loops in their pockets…and its a hassle when you have ammo/brass in there and they get tangled).

RANGE ITEMS I recommend:

  • mechanix gloves! I’ve owned and worn out expensive 5.11 tactical gloves, but these $20 gloves are awesome for protecting your hands from sharp guns(AK47s and 1911).
    Great for moving folks and doing work too.
  • Ops bag (ok, not my daily carry, but an awesome “operations bag” to belt and leg and have a shoulder strap. not too big, not too small.
  • Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff (TACTICAL advantage; great for hearing bad guys breathing and walking on carpet in the other room at night in your home, or out on the range). WARNING, your best friends/family will “STEAL your hearing protection”, so label them and ensure you get them back when folks barrow them from you! nutnfancy’s review

and then…you have your car-kit; which includes your “get home bag”, your medical-kit, your car-kit (mechanical) and possibly an evac-kit (72 hr kit).



I’m still in search of the following, but I have not found any I would recommend. Let me know if you find the ideal “systems”.

1) The perfect Belt …I have NOT found the perfect belt. I saw one that is coming out soon at shotshow, it will be called: reeve specops belt titium (it does NOT have the nasty “rigger” appearance. Today I’m using cabela’s nylon.

2) Conceal carry shirt for TALL people. I LOVE the 5.11 covert shirts, but I have to order 2x size too large…and it is STILL not long enough for me 🙁  (Considering starting a tall tactical Taylor 😉

What the perfect shirt looks like to me:

Tall enough to cover a inside the waistband holster/pistol.
cool/rugged material. Square at the bottom for “untucked tools” 😉
Quality material that will LAST…and LAST.
One discrete pocket (not too geeky like  a lot of fly fishing shirts).

I’m currently field testing:

OR TALL:’s+shirts&WTz_l=Header%3BSearch-All+Products#BVRRWidgetID



I’m currently testing:

Cabela’s “Perfekt™” Casual Oxfords by Meindl


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