WHAT TO BRING: Bring your dutch oven, ingredients and a picked out recipe from



  • Builder, you bring or borrow an oven & recipe
  • OR you watch & take notes.


COSTS: This is a FREE workshop.

equipment list (you can still come if you don’t have everything…ask Thomas if you can borrow stuff).

see also blog:


  • dutch oven
  • recipe & ingredients
  • large cookie sheet to put your coals onto (reduces mess and scorching of cement).
  • chair
  • sunblock & sunhat
  • charcoal tongs
  • food tongs
  • charcoal “warmer”heater.
  • table if you have one (thick wood to put HOT dutch ovens onto…so you don’t damage the table(s).
  • cutting board, knives & other prep gear.
  • paper plates & plastic ware
  • wet wipes/paper towels.


June 2016

June 2015

Mark & Son

Abbie’s Magic Chicken & Potatoes

Class Circle

potluck “heavenly food”

7 dutch ovens

June 2014


Dutch Oven gear & skill should be apart of everyone preparedness.

Dutch Ovens can & do last forever. They are multi-use items for preparedness & recreation.

Mark of came and did a workshop for us. He said it was so successful he would like to do this again. So, the last Saturday of every June, we will be offering this FREE workshop. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of upcoming workshops.

The devil is in the details. Mark lectured in the classroom for about an hour, the rest of the time was hands on experience with dutch oven cooking.

Recipes we “followed”:


Everyone was excited to share their successes (voluntary potlock).  We all learned a lot and had a good time.




Listed in priority IMO.

Mark’s books

 Lodge (quality that will last a lifetime) 12 – my local walmart has the 12 for $60. and two bags of kingsford coals  for $10.

Charcoal Chimney Starter– my local walmart has one I like for under $10.

Multi-use channellock Pliers

Volcano Lid

Dutch Oven Table

Dutch Oven Stand

 Volcano 3 fuel stove (I got mine at costco for about $100). Make sure you get the one with the propane insert.

 Lodge 2 qt SMALL dutch oven (on my wishlist)– I already have three 6 quart ovens, so a smaller one will be handy for frying, deserts and sauces.

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