SUMMARY: This page gives you the details on getting a good deal on extreme cold weather clothing material AND how to build your own custom extreme weather clothing.

Imagine how much you would spend to store enough fuel to keep the “area warm”, verse how much you would spend to keep the person warm with extreme cold weather “foam clothing”



WHEN: November 1, 2014 3-8pm

WHAT: Come to an “extreme cold foam clothing workshop” with Mareen Robinson. Seamstress & foam clothing maker of the Jim Phillips Extreme cold weather Foam Clothing system.  Mareen will have patterns for attendees to “duplicate”.

This workshop will cover making 1/2″ vest in 5 teams.
After this workshop you’ll know if you want to tackle building your own or buying one.  You’ll also have the know-how if/when there is a collapse and you need to fabricate your own extreme cold weather clothing.
WHY: Purchasing & buying enough fuel to keep your family safe is cost prohibitive, but extreme cold weather foam clothing is not. Mareen will be able to give us all practical hands-on advice and mentoring on building 1/2″ clothing.
COST: $50  ($50 per sewing machine, assistant is free with one paying student)
WHERE: Location sent to those that signup with the Group Buy form below.
Or, if you would like to place an order with Mareen, Visit her website:

To learn more about Jim Phillips and his systems. see:

See also:


 In the workshop, you will be making/teaming up to make–vest/coat for men, lady or child

  1. sewing machine AND thread (ready to go)
    1. Black Coates Dual Duty XP thread, (this is heavier, but not heavy duty) make
      sure it is 100% polyester, not cotton covered Make your bobbin the same
      (Please do this at home, we have so much to cover–don’t waste time)(Same
      with serger–the cotton covered thread holds moisture) use Guterman upholstery
      thread –polyester)
  2. measurements for your project (see
    1. Use this measuring chart worksheet BEFORE the workshop
  3. extension cord
  4. black garbage bag, for each foam piece you will be working with (black will help block the sun (which can color the foam)).
  5. serger if you have one
  6. size 14 needles
  7. Measuring tape
  8. Sharp scissors
  9. Seam Ripper
  10. Scotch tape tissue paper or blank newsprint for copying pattern
    (you can use old sheet from DI to make a sample to be sure it fits–pants, etc)
  11. Long quilting pins
  12. Small trash can
  13. Black and 1 color marking pens
  14. Pen & paper for notes, but I’ll give you a manual
  15. Lint roller (foam is very electrostatic, it picks up everything)
  16. snacks/water


you may purchase “mesh/shell” at the workshop from Mareen.




We are also doing a group buy on materials for foam clothing. By building it yourself, you are saving hundreds of dollars. How much would you spend for gore-tex everything, but still not be covered as well in extreme cold weather? The PALS system is at least TWICE as good as gore-tex IMO.

We need to get these materials BEFORE the workshop. So you MUST order & pre-pay before Oct. 24th.  Those that signup, will be given details of where to pickup their materials before Nov. 1st.

ONE SHEET of foam, should be enough for an adult for everything. hat, coat, pants, boots & mittens. 1 sheet is 88″x96″

1/2 foam clothing is good for 10 degree, idle in a shelter.  If you are not idle (moving around), then a 1/2 setup will allow you to thrive in even colder.

1″ foam clothing is good for 40 degrees below zero, in any condition (without shelter). 40 degrees below being idle.

WARNING: you will need an industrial sewing machine for the 1″ foam clothing!

SLEEPING BAGS: Mareen no longer makes sleeping bags, but can refer you to a sleeping bag builder.



Thomas will have pre-orders available BEFORE the workshop. The cost per half-inch sheet is $45.

Those that pre-order/pre-pay, Thomas will  bring your materials to the workshop. OR you can pick them up at my house.

MESH KIT, the mesh is what you enclose the foam in. Think of the mesh as a shell. gore-tex is NOT a good shell, you will want mesh if you want the foam clothing to work at its highest capacity.

Mesh kit is $60.


WORKSHOP & Group Buy are worth coming in from out of state!


This is a group-buy/pre-order. All payment MUST be received by Oct 24. Then we will place the order. Before we order, we'll give you a total cost for what you are interested in, given the volume discounts of everyone pulling together.
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Thomas’ plan.

I plan to buy a foam sheet for everyone in my family (7 people). I plan to take all the training Jim is offering our group buy. With that training I plan to make two adult suits (top to bottom: hat, coat, mittens, pants, boots). One for me and one for my wife.

The other 5, I will have the materials and build my children their extreme weather foam clothing when they stop growing, or when there is need in a winter/long-term emergency.

Because I live in Northern Utah, and don’t have plans to visit Alaska in the winter, I’m going with the 1/2 inch sheets. I may buy ONE 1 inch sheet, just in case.

I now only need to store fuel to cook and hygiene, I will literally be saving tens of thousands of dollars by not having to store 12+ months of fuel.


I did a similar plan with my cowboy action holsters. By learning how to make them myself and getting a deal on the materials, for the cost of one holster rig, I was able to make a cowboy holster rig for everyone in my family.

Additional Videos and resources

Thermal Johns Freezer Test, 1999 (complete)




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