This blog covers the “Foxy Mag Pouch (FMP)” & the Foxy Flash Pouch(FFP)”.

These are CRITICAL elements of an every day carry (EDC) system!

After making a pile of FMPs, I thought; I need to make a Flashlight Pouch. Turns out the Kydex Pouches weight a lot less, than my leather pouch! and my steel belt clips aren’t jabbing my “fatness” anymore!

I’ve been carrying a LARGE multi-tool & a streamlight flashlight for over 5 years.

Its been an evolution of carriers, flashlights and now I think I’ve finally found the ideal solution in function & form. I hope this blog helps you be more secure!

Hey guys, I’m way excited about my new invention….a “Foxy Flashlight Pouch”.

Foxy Flash Pouch (FFP) Version 2


Some improvements on the 1st gen Foxy Flash Pouch (FFP):
1. Concealing a flashlight is less critical than concealing a weapon. However, the purpose of lowering the flashlight is to ensure it does NOT rub on your ribs and cause discomfort sitting or driving. Thus, we have lowered the flashlight by 3/4 of an inch (.5 to 1″).  There is still plenty of flashlight to grab onto in this configuration. With the deeper pouch, less retention is required, another side-benefit.
2.  We improved the hook by angling/narrowing the hook for “nylon gun belts” to bring the bottom of the pouch closer to the wearer so if you sit in an armchair it is less likely to “snag” onto the pouch and over-extend the kydex, thus damaging the pouch (yes, we’ve only had ONE of these).
3.  Upgraded protac compatible. We are also updating our recommended flashlight to the Protac dual fuel (1AA OR 1cr123).
Stream light has come out with a ideal EDC flashlight, that I consider an upgrade from the protac 1aa.
PROS of the new system:

1. The flexibility to have the OPTION to use 1AA OR 1 cr123.
2. great size for EDC
3. hole for lanyard
4. more aggressive stippling, but not so much that it’ll wear out your clothing.
5. 150 lums with 1AA vs protac 1aa was only 70 lums. (300 lums with CR123 battery).
6. baseball hat reverse clip and pocket clip (pretty cool!).
1. They are wider than the protac 1aa, thus a Foxy Flash Pouch (FFP) must be modified or rebuilt to accommodate the new thicker “duel fuel protac”.
VERSION2/GEN2 photos of the Foxy Flash Pouch (FFP).
sets deeper by 3/4-1 inch, please note the hook is narrower (if you have a thick leather belt, we'll build it to accommodate that)

sits deeper by 3/4-1 inch, please note the hook is narrower (if you have a thick leather belt, we’ll build it to accommodate that)

Ver2 on the left. Gen1/Ver1 on the right.

Ver2 on the left. Gen1/Ver1 on the right.

Notice the deeper flashlight and narrower hook.

Notice the deeper flashlight and narrower hook.

Pros of the Foxy Flashlight Pouch:
1) very difficult to lose or forget your flashlight
2) Not too high to rub your ribs
3) quick presentation
4) efficient re-holstering of flashlight
5) VERY light
6) if it gets wet, it doesn’t remain damp for days (like leather).
7) Easy on the belt, given the belt loop.
8) Doesn’t come off belt on accident, but it can be removed w/o too much effort.
9) Retention adjustable
10) Tactical Black 😉
11) Comfortable
12) Affordable. Only $20 to never lose your flashlight again.
Before having a pouch, I lost several flashlights a year.
My recommended flashlight:

Why protac AA OR Dual Fuel Protac?
1) not too long to rub your rib
2) bright enough to “identify” bad-guy & if he has a weapon
3) AA, swap a rechargeable battery every other month.
4) Price
5) Robust (LED, no bulb to break).
6) Fits well in a “Foxy Flash Pouch”.
7) several modes – high, low beam…and a silly strobe.
I think you know my thoughts on flashlights NOT being used to blind or disorientate an attacker.
FLASHLIGHTS ARE TO IDENTIFY the attacker (1) is this person an attacker? 2) does he have a weapon. 3) NO SHOOT persons.
Ponder for the moment of failing to identify an attacker…you are injured for life, or worse, those you LOVE are injured/killed.
OR, you use deadly force on the WRONG person!
IMO 100-150 lumens is PLENTY bright to identify an attacker.

Size Comparison between the PF9 & the Glock 43.

Anyone wondering why it took Glock TEN YEARS to make a single stack sub-compact 9mm near the size/value of a PF9?

Loaded pf9 with pocket holster:

Glock 43 FMP. Not too low to blow your cover. Not too high to rub your ribs.

WIP FMP, check out those shears!



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3 Responses to Foxy Mag Pouch & Foxy Flash Pouch

  1. Sean Warren says:

    This is a wonderful product. I am considering a All in one FOXY…Can you custom make me one?

    • Thomas E says:

      Yes, you could have them all in one unit. Please consider having them modular so you can distribute the weight or have them in different locations. For me, spare mag is first, then light, then multitool.

      I can do a custom 3 in 1, but it won’t likely be comfortable cuz it doesn’t flex as you move in and out of a car etc.

      does that help?


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