A Freedom Rifle is an American Legacy. The Freedom Rifle is THE symbol of American Freedom.  Rifleman past/present show the ideal of of honor, skill, discipline and sacrifice for one’s posterity(doing difficult things for their grandchildren..born and unborn).

A Freedom Rifle such as the AR 15 is the most efficient hand held device currently available for defending our families, our communities and our Nation.  No one should apologize for owning a Freedom Rifle any more than one should apologize for owning a quality table saw or  an efficient automobile. Efficient tools are always desirable and a firearm is first and foremost a tool designed for a specific task..

Most Police Cars in the US are equipped with Freedom rifles.  Police agencies have adopted the Freedom Rifle for first responders because they are efficient tools.

I often find myself correcting people’s misinformation (or misunderstanding) when they call a Freedom Rifle an “Assault Rifle”.

There is such a thing in military vernacular as an assault rifle.  It refers to a fully automatic rifle, a machine gun used to attack enemy positions and is different in significant ways from a Freedom Rifle.

Freedom Rifles are not fully automatic machine guns and do not fit the description of a military weapon designed to attack or assault enemy positions.

The uninformed often assume that the military term assault rifle has something to do with a criminal assault.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that shoulder weapons of any description are rarely used in crime. According to the FBI the number of people murdered by hands and feet far exceeds the number murdered by all rifles and shotguns combined, including semi automatic rifles.

So, in my home and places I have influence, I request that people call them by their proper name; which is of course a “Freedom Rifle”.

WHY is it a Freedom Rifle?

First, because IF you have your freedom, you own a Freedom Rifle. Freedom TO and Freedom FROM.

Second, if you can’t own one, you don’t have freedom.

Third, if you don’t have your freedom and enough citizens obtain Freedom Rifles, you SOON will have your freedom!

TODAY we would not be free (or as free as we currently are) without Freedom Rifles and Rifleman!

WHAT is a Freedom Rifle?

A Freedom Rifle has a detachable magazine with 20 or more capacity (STANDARD capacity!) AND is able to make man-sized hits at 200 yards.

Should you find yourself being attacked by a group of armed criminals there is no firearm that will provide you with a combination of range, accuracy and the ability to engage multiple targets quickly as a Freedom Rifle.  If you know that you are going to need deadly force to protect your family, this is the Rifle that you want in your hands

See, America HAS a Legacy of Rifleman as taught by Appleseed Project.  Having 85 million gun owners is tough to deal with if you are a power hungry dictator.  Even 200,000 trained and ready Rifleman are impossible to deal with.

What is a Rifleman?

In the Revolutionary War a Rifleman was able to shoot an enemy at 200 yards off-hand with his rifle. Rifles enabled us to win the revolution against…a dictator.  George Washington’s rifle cost about $5,000 in today’s money. The British had muskets and MIGHT be able to hit a man at 80 yards. The Lord blessed America with Rifle-makers and Rifleman!

To me, the Rifle is the symbol of America and Freedom. Though I give great respect and honor to the USA Flag (and it does my heart good to see it flying over my home everyday), I KNOW that it is the Freedom Rifle that is the symbol of freedom.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN if you OWN a Freedom Rifle.

  1. It means you aren’t “taken in” by misinformation and a threat to Freedom Rifles is a threat to YOUR property.

  2. It means you are a person of means. No welfare/looter is able to afford such a prize. It also means you are a person of discipline and able to put away funds long enough to obtain a rifle.

  3. It means you understand that a Rifle’s mission is to counter an “expected attack”.

  4. It means you are INDEPENDENT! You do NOT rely on others for your protection. day-to-day, nor in the event of a long-term disaster.  You can protect your family, your live-stock, your property from attack (2 legged or 4-legged predators. You are able to secure meat for your family.

  5. It means you are the ideal-responsible gun-owner.  You should make bulk purchases of ammo and include this as part of your water/food storage.

  6. It means you are passing onto the next generation the Legacy of rifleman-ship! No other skill is more important than being a true rifleman!

  7. It means as Quigley said, “I have no use for a handgun…didn’t ever say I didn’t know how to use one.” The mission of the handgun is for “unexpected attacks”. There are a few that are better with handguns than me, but only a handful are better with a rifle than me. The rifle is my “Primary weapon system”. I was born to be a Rifleman.

  8. It means you are willing to die for your right to own a “Freedom Rifle”.

  9. It means you are a REAL AMERICAN! Willing/able and duty bound to protect yourself (and thus protecting your family) your community and your country…and above all your rights!

These are the words I live by. If it is not worth dying for…it is not worth killing for.

So, the next time you hear the uninformed call our American Legacy an “Assault weapon”. I hope you take time to correct them.  I hope you ask your “statesmen” if they own a Freedom Rifle (we all know politicians don’t own Freedom Rifles, because Rifleman don’t compromise like politicians do)!

I hope you are inspired to own a Freedom Rifle because deep down, you are meant to live and breath as An American!

How much would you pay for a Freedom Rifle?

Currently you can buy a excellent system for under $1,000. Add about $1,000 for ammo. Another $300 for accessories like (mags, pouches, slings) and about $700 for TRAINING.

Lets call it $3,000. Some would say that is A LOT of money. I would say, “what would you pay if there were dozens of thugs coming to your neighborhood to do unspeakable things to those you love the most?” You would pay ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to someone that could provide you with a Freedom Rifle under those circumstances. Why not buy one NOW for only $3,000!!!

NOW is the time to “OWN” and become a Rifleman by training HARD.

Freedom FROM:
Freedom from fear, tyranny and loss of a stable society. Freedom from hunger and attacks.

Freedom TO:
Freedom TO live, love and produce and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

God Bless the Rifleman in days gone by and the Rifleman of today!


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