You MUST have a two point sling.  Condor Speedy Sling


If you have shot A LOT of iron sights, then you are ready for phase 2 (optics). If you are still learning iron sights, you’ll learn a ton with irons in Larry’s class.

Iron sights are often overlooked, but are very effective, inexpensive & rugged.  Shooting steel at 100y with iron-sights is very do-able.
I took Larry’s class with iron sights. Taking it a 2nd time, I think I’d do a 1-4x or red-dot.
but for sure, Iron sights for first class…unless you have vision issues or eye issues.
I wouldn’t go any lower than the trs25, good value, but if you can afford it go higher quality. everyone I know that owns a trs25, LOVES it.
I have recommended trs25s for years, when it came time to purchase, I bought the sparc
I went with the sparc for my “shotgun/ak74 systems, putting it on an ar15 also works, but I mostly got it for m590 & ak74. right now its on my ruger predator 308…for coyotes, but I need to get it on my 590 and get it dial’d in for Larry’s shotgun class.
lifetime warranty, good company.
Another vortex red-dot option is the Strike Fire
In Larry’s class, max range is 100y.
I have a supersniper 1-4x scope that is on my “go to system”.  IMO, that is hard to beat. 1x is almost as fast as  a redot, and you can zoom into 4x or 3x.
I was saving up for an acog, but my scope mentor talked me into the supersniper.
acogs are pricy, but have a legendary reputation:
I’m a bit of a supersniper snob. I have the 1-4x, 3-9x, 16x and 5-20x…
3-9 ar10 24″ HB 308
1-4x sig556
5-20 rem 700 308.

Shooting Mat

I like the drag-bags that are also shooting mats.
do NOT get black! (it heats up FAST and can be spot’d a mile away!)
this is the one I have:
acu camo…perfection IMO.
I LOVE it, I use it all the time. almost every trip shooting, I bring this. packs my gun, when I get there, its a shooting mat.
all my precision rifle buddies, have this exact shooting mat.
This one looks similar and has good reviews:

knee pads

these are a good value, careful of a small/hard “cup” that rocks when you are trying to be stable, the voodoo knee pads do good on this.
elbow pads, I didn’t really need those, but I don’t have sensitive elbows.
you’ll see a lot with a hard cup pads, I don’t get that, seems like you’d be fighting that hard cup all the time. we are NOT swat, so I don’t see the need for the hard cup.
you going to speed kneel on glass?
I’m not 😉
I have the defective hard-cup elbow pads. Some guys hate the neoprene…too much bounce, but a thin elbow pad, makes a lot of sense to me.
I’d be interested in others opinion on this!


20 round magazines, I can’t over emphasize how awesome 20 round mags are!  I was converted to the 20 round ar15 magazines when I took Larry’s rifle class in 2012.
I LOVE these things (makes you wonder how magpul got its start 😉


here is my checklist, you’ll see a handgun tab and a rifle tab:
looks like the rifle tab is more precision rifle purposed


8x binocs. These 8x binocs have been on my wishlist for a while


bring a frick’n standard m4 ar15!
nothing fancy! or strange!  for sure not a 5.7 upper! nor an m1 garand  😉
the 5.11 protac pants, have an insert for knee pads, gives you almost enough protection for gravel. If at the “Farm”, you’ll want external knee pads like the voodoo tactical ones.
If on the “ranch range”, the inserts might be enough…I will spend any amount of money to protect my knees…cuz I have knee issues.
PRINT THIS OFF and check off as you make your pile of stuff to take.
you do NOT want to be unprepared!
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  1. J says:

    Would you mind elaborating on the value of 20 round magazines?

    What is your spare mag carry system and how do you use the magpuls with the carry system and for reloads?


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