Also – with these projects – due to the flash time, folks may want to leave their projects hanging for a day or two and come back to pick up.
After tacky flash time is up, it’s no problem to transport – they can hang to cure at home.

You MUST signup for the workshop at (if you haven’t already signed up): 

Austin/West Desert Arms has the following colors, you can pay for what you use:
White, FDE, Desert Sand, OD Green, Sniper Gray, and Graphite Black.



PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

  • Nitrile gloves (critical for degreasing process and for overall protection of hands)
  • Face mask (either n95 or paint respirator – cerakote is extremelycaustic.)
    • n95 for basic projects > Walmart masks
    • Better respirator for Cerakote and related projects.
    • This is the respirator I’d recommend. You can use it for all sorts of stuff later on.
    • Better Respirator
  • Clear eyeglasses (Under $2 at harbor freight)


Preparation: Degreasing, Surface Prep, Finishing (please do this BEFORE the workshop)

  • Acetone for regular degreasing.
  • Brake cleaner for heavier or rapid degreasing (It’s also veryquick drying and leaves a surface ready to take a paint coating)

– I usually keep an eye out for sales of this at Autozone, Oriely’s, etc. Walmart may have good pricing per can as well. (Anything under $5/can should is reasonable)

  • Quality masking tape           (I recommend a quality mask tape (like frog tape or “edge seal” masking tape) many spray coatings are extremely thin when sprayed on and can easily creep under the edges of low quality masking tape. A quality painting tape can help prevent this from happening.)
  • Sand paper (optional depending on items to be painted)           I use automotive wet dry sandpaper, in grits of = 220, 320, 400
  • Can use 3M green Scotch Brite pads as well.
  • Steel wool (000…. This is used for burnishing the surface after painting Cerakote air-dry)


  • Newspaper (good amount)
  • Cardboard (just old boxes are fine. These will be backdrops and guards for painting overspray.)
  • Wire hangers (we use these for hanging and spraying) (supplied by Thomas)
  • Plastic sheeting (if doing spraying. If hand painting – not needed) (supplied by Thomas)
  • Paint:

High end options

Effective budget options

  • Rustoleum Camouflage series

Amazon Rustoleum Link

I’ve had great results with Rustoleum camo series.

You can pick up a matte clear to finish a top coat as well. (Walmart)

  • Krylon ultra flat camo series is also very good, but you’ll need to shop around.
  • Brownell’s Alumihyde II – this stuff is extremely resistant to most all chemicals and cleaners. For the price and with the right application technique, it’s hard to beat this great solution as no special equipment is needed – just instruction needed for tetechnique



– I recommend getting a pack of clean out nozzles, and a pack of replacement nozzles.

– I use these for everything from Aluma-hyde to Rustoleum / Krylon projects.

Paint Equip Supplies

– Pipettes (if mixing colors)

– Plastic trays for mixing & hand dip painting (something that won’t dissolve, no styrofoam cups or cheap plastic cups. Glass dishes from DI work well.)

– Wood mixing sticks – popsicle sticks – or even Qtips.

– Sponges for hand dip painting (This is what I use for custom ATACs-AU camouflage pattern – works awesome)

Like This

Or This

– If going full DIY and you want to spray liquid style paint. I’ve had good results with these.

Preval Spray Kits

– Camo screening materials / stencils

Can do a youtube search for camo painting gear. Look for videos that use natural materials like branches, and other items like mesh laundry bags, etc.


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