What is the cost of not having a Gun Safe? Family Costs, criminal costs, peace-of-mind.
What to look for in a Gun Safe?
Tips of moving, storing and taking care of your gun safe.


First off, what if you FAIL to protect your loved ones? Can you live with yourself? NO!

Ponder for a moment how devastating it would be if there was an accident or malicious use of your firearms against your family!
Ponder for a moment if you failed to plan to protect your loved ones from evil monsters? What is the cost?

 The costs of these consequences are too high for anyone to bare. PREVENT this by having a gun safe.

A gun safe protects by
1) Preventing unauthorized access
2) fire damage
3) loss due to theft
4) Provides peace-of-mind that your family is safe and your “goodies” are safe.

I stood next to a friend as he opened his gun safe after a flood. It was half full of mud. His $10,000 of guns was protected by a $150 dollar safe! Lesson learned!  This is so typical American, We buy a $2,000 gun, put a $100 dollar optic on there and call it good! We protect our priceless family with a $200 gun safe! NOT! Or for life-safety issues, we bet our life on the least expensive gun, gear & training! NOT ME!

1) measure, think ahead – take your time. Sore backs are slow to heal, take another few minutes and do it right!
2) Use leverage to your advantage. Straps, hand trucks, pallet jacks, are your friend!
3) Remove the safe door, which is usually ⅓ of the weight of the gun safe, effectively allowing you to move it in two pieces.


1) Spend a few hundred more and get exactly what you want. Buying proper is less expensive than buying it twice!
2) Get a good fire rating! I regret buying a 1200 degree for 30 minute safe from bass pro in 2004!
3) Having a keypad is so wonderful! Those spindles are a pain! The best of both worlds is to have BOTH in the same lock! That way if there is an EMP, you can still have access to your life saving defense “systems”.

I can get dealer pricing on:!safelogic-xtreme/c705 (awesome EMP Proof combo lock!)


1) Just like a piano, don’t put your safe on a “cold/hot” wall. Meaning, don’t put it on a wall that is the outside of your home.
2) Don’t put your safe next to lots of fuel. Don’t put it near your furnace or smack in the middle of your house (If your house burns to the ground, where will it have the most fuel/least fuel?).
3) Consider securing your ammo too!
4) Buy two small safes instead of one large safe. Easier to move. You can put them in different locations (not all eggs in one basket, you could have one safe at a friends/relatives house).
5) Carry a gun with you in your house 24×7. Be able to deploy your weapon in 1 second! Home invasion takes about 3 seconds. Get in the habit of carrying at home. The gun safe is for guns you are NOT using to defend yourself.
6) Allow your spouse to put important items in your safe. Have your family photos and important documents with 2, 3 “copies” in an offsite location.
7) Many keypads light up at night. Get in the habit of hitting any key, then the clear key, then your code. that way you are in the habit and can do it under stress (for a long gun/shotgun) or half-asleep.
8)  Consider having a dedicated quick open pistol safe near your bed-stand.

We will be doing a group buy on an excellent quick-access pistol safe soon.


Recommended “Pistol Safe”:
Read these reviews

Watch this youtube video of this safe at a recent hacker conference (Defcon).I suggest you skip to about minute 19 in the youtube video:

If you’d like to get an excellent safe at a “Amazon beating Price”, check out my Gun Safe Ordering page.


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  1. PJ Stark says:

    Hi, thanks for these great tips on gun safety! Buying a gun safe is one thing but the top priority should be the safety aspect. I’ve been looking to replace my current Winchester but I’m not sure yet what gun vault to get. PJ.

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