Radio Familiarization/How to operate your HAM Radio UV-5Ra

April 2016 Handout


WARNING: FCC requires a HAM Radio license to transmit on HAM Frequencies. I hear the fine is pretty high! A license is NOT required to LISTEN ONLY.
Take time to review the law for yourself, YOU are responsible for your safety! 

The UV-5RA covers TWO HAM bands, the 2 meter & 70 cm, and can listen to FM radio Frequencies. is the quickest & easiest way to study to pass your HAM Radio license test.

Your Radio has been pre-programmed for Emergency Radio Communication (ERC) frequencies in “memory channels” for the Saratoga Springs, UT area. We recommend you charge your battery at least every 3 months. 

For more quick start tips, visit my blog at (future how-to video):

How to operate your HAM Radio LAB/HANDS-ON

  1. What Frequencies do not require a license? FRS do NOT require a license. These are channels 21 through 34. GMRS technically requires a license, which is ch35-ch42.
  2. How to listen to “Emergency Radio Communications (ERC)” Frequencies in our area?  Ch. 8 is our most used ERC freq., followed by Ch 1.
  3. How to get to the “memory Channels”? If your LCD display does not have text, push the ORANGE V/M button.
  4. How to toggle between “Memory channels”? See your BLUE A/B button? That toggles between top/bottom Freq.
  5. How to listen to the FM Radio? Push the LEFT side ORANGE CALL button to get into FM mode, then enter the 107.500 or whatever or use the arrow keys.
  6. How to tune-into NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)?V/M mode, use arrow buttons to get to ch 0.
  7. The radio has the ability to monitor two channels simultaneously, channels A (upper display line) and B (lower display line). The A and B channels that are stored in memory are the same, but the A channels are listed by frequency and the B channels are listed by name.

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Priority #1, (many have already purchased these with the stake group-buy)

Priority #2, Battery back-up shell



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