This HAM Radio “jump kit” is for remote communications.

In the event I need to evacuate or go serve remotely.

I’m most excited about the low-draw/low-cost powergate & the cool Anderson pole connectors.


Powergate to auto-switch the power from AC to DC

Magnetic mount antenna (place on 20mm ammo can lid…AWAY from operator, or at a higher location).

power supply

Anderson power pole connectors (awesome!)

ATV battery, NOT recommended. 19 amp hours, would have been nice.

Better to have a SEALED battery. TWO 7 amp hour SEALED batteries is what I’m running with.

20mm ammo can



Removable tray


shelf for mic, future may include “airflow” kydex



Mag mount antenna on INSIDE of ammo can lid, just unscrew the antenna and place INSIDE the ammo can and lock the lid down.



shelf slightly OUT, if you are standing and want visual on radio.



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3 Responses to HAM Radio “jump kit”

  1. Darvell says:

    Very nice, Thomas! This gives me some ideas for my next mobile box. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thomas E says:

      thanks! I think the upside down ammo can lid, is a cool way to go. I thought of it early one morning and tried it out.

      Having the ammo lid upside down lets me store it and then deploy it w/o having to move the magnetic mount antenna!

      ANOTHER advantage to using an ammo can!

  2. Bruce Fontelera says:

    Hi Thomas. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. I’ve been using Anderson power pole products for our fire dept USAR team comms equip and for personal use. Great system. I hope all is well with you, Todd and the family.

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