I spend my life in a “logical/virtual” world, so when I get to build/develop actual physical things, its like therapy for me.

Cowboy Action Shooting got me into Leatherwork to save money on holster rigs for me and my two oldest children. For the price of one “commercially” built holster, I was able to make 3 gun belts & 6 holsters.

My first holster making class was taught by Tim Start of http://highdesertleather.com/ I think I just “happened” to take his first & only holster making class. Very foundational on building patterns and fundamental craft.

Then, one day a friend needed an IWB holster and I have a “galco IWB” holster for my wife’s S&W 638, after about making 20 of those, the “Foxy Tuck” was born a real Gen1. Each one I built got better and better, until now we have a Gen2 “Foxy Tuck”.
Mid 2014 I asked Simon if he would mentor me on holster making. From him I learned where to buy the best holster making leather on the planet! The old-school way of “finishing” leather that has been done for hundreds of years. He doesn’t like “cross breed” holsters, he likes full 100% leather custom made holsters. Simon made custom holsters for Freedom Arms (about 100 a month for decades), to say he is the best in the world is an understatement. I learned more from him in 60 minutes, than I had in a year of making Foxy Tucks.

Early 2015 I hired Simon to “mentor” me on a special chest rig for a 454 Predator Defense gun to be worn in the field. He invented this design decades ago and many have tried to “copy” it.

This second mentoring session enabled me to get to Gen3! I invested about $1,000 in equipment to cut my production time in about half and increase quality by 2x to get to Gen3. I have NOT released Gen3 yet, but standby its going to be awesome!

Foxy Tucks & Leather working projects through the years.

GENERATION1 Foxy Tuck-$50 (2013)

  • cut out leather with scissors…sharpening them frequently.
  • tan/black dye..that had to be sealed…that dried out the leather. 1 even bled onto a customer.
  • kydex tenting and cut out with a jig saw (yuck!…dangerous).
  • each holster improved significantly
  • sucky tandy leather double oak shoulders
  • drilled holes for clips instead of punching them (crazy huh?)
  • not covering full barrel (like all the other makers), so it “catches” your frontsight and your barrel wears out your clothing.
  • used “kitchen oven” (crazy huh?!)



GENERATION2 Foxy Tuck- $55 (2014)

  • high quality/high cost leather, planed and tanned to perfection 9-9.5 oz W&C backs
  • purchase hardware in-bulk to offset higher price of leather
  • neatfoot oil “dyed”
  • kydex look & function doubled in quality IMO
  • cut kydex with large scissors and used bench grinder, then dremel, then “scotch-bright” to “polish” edges of kydex
  • edging by hand and sanding by dremel.
  • Custom “Maker Stamp” with brand & Scripture (“The Lord has said that: Ye shall defend your families even unto bloodshed. …to defend themselves, and their families, and their lands, their country, and their rights, and their religion.”  Alma 43: 47)
  • kydex high on the handgun and snug on the slide, with sight groove (details matter!)
  • dedicated toaster oven in garage

Gen2 Foxy Tuck


FUTURE PLANS – GENERATION3 Foxy Tuck-$55 (2015)

  • custom die to automate-cutout pattern for compact and 4″ service pistols
  • better edging due to “professional” sander & polisher (no more dremel). $750 “professional sander & edger”
  • decorative line around Foxy Tuck
  • Professional Photography










buckskin shirt


Cowboy Action…addiction

1st & last appendix holster


weapon mounted lights (awesomeness!)

hi-temp & home-made “vacuum press”



shopvac & “vacuum press”







Note gap high up on the slide (sight groove too long). I no longer do the gap. Sight groove only goes to front of trigger guard, for better retention.



This is the 1911 that pushed me over the edge, and I had to buy one!




Did I mention I LOVE M&Ps…especially the 22 LR version



NextGen leather therapy


As American as young’ns wanting to grow up to be Cowboys…to ride & shoot!


oh how I love the bearcats. My son feels loved because of the bearcats!



larger knife is my work. the esee 4″ sheath is commercially produced.

Pre-oil “dyed” Piggy Back Skinner & machete “chest rig”


PF9 & XD9 with weapon mounted light

one-off hand stitched OWB holster 25acp




I have a soft spot in my heart for Ruger Revolvers. Owner is WELL armed!


M&P 40…perfection


cutting out…by hand.



M9 March 2015

G20…perfection. Notice high on the slide retention.

1911 with “sissy kydex clips” instead of the manly steel clips 😉


G23 with “sissy clips”


xds 45 acp…can’t live w/o one!


Note sight groove “depth” and orientation.


454 Super Redhawk 5″, chest rig with “Simon” assistance mentoring me.




G23 perfection


PF9 with light.



G19 spouses



H&K DA only



XD perfection!



Special Projects! ESEE 7 (yeah…hand stitched!)

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  1. Matt E says:

    Great job on perfecting your craft! Continuous improvement always leads to better products, loyal customers, and self-respect. I will be sure to tell everyone I know looking for a new holster.

    Looking forward to getting my next (smaller) sidearm.

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