This was the first year I have NOT attended shotshow in 4 years! seeing these videos made-up for not attending…a little bit. A cost/benefit analysis led me to get onto a every-other-year shotshow schedule.
One could buy another toy/tool for the cost of ticket, travel…and unplanned “addiction purchases” 😉

my fav shotshow 2016 vids:

TOPS knives made in Idaho. My tradition is to buy one every year at shotshow (SHOT) for 50% off (I missed that this year!)

Finally a video w/o the hype & someone that knows what they are talking about!
SHOT Show 2016: Geissele Interview & New Product

LWRC SMG 45!  I’m not a big fan of sub-guns (pistol carbine), but this looks pretty sweet…pricy!

Kalashnikov USA Shot Show 2016

22LR to 300 win mag SUPPRESSOR:

ITS Tactical top 10 shotshow innovations:


Ruger American Pistol


gunblast jackass…at his “best”…AKA worst(Rule1 & Rule2 violations…ongoing).  good sampling of shotshow though.

clearly these “professionals” don’t follow the “ALL guns are ALWAYS loaded!”, NEVER allow the muzzle to cover anything you are not willing to destroy!

a quick blurb about the ruger suppressor on rangeday.

Silencerco INTEGRATED pistol suppressor:

cool Buck knives innovations


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