Recently, we did a “workshop” to watch this product demo’d at my friends house.

This is a new…but proven product that allows you to switch the electricity coming in from the GRID to a 2000,3000, 4000 or 9300 watt generator!

Installing “homerun” on my home:

More details:

NOTE: The group buy is OVER, but we have a few extra units for sale. We got a group buy discount and their price is going up! so don’t wait too long!

Currently, you may buy an extra homerun for $650. May the price is going up to $700.

Group Buy

This is a pre-order, once we combine our orders for a $50 discount per unit.
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Thomas takes NO PAYMENTS for this. I’m simply compiling a list of those interested in a “group buy/pre-order”.

Please watch some of the videos, so you understand how robust/simple this device is. Once installed, anyone can cut-over to the generator to run your home furnace “blower”. (without the blower, your furnace can’t move the warm air. A gas heater isn’t very effective w/o a blower.

Depending on how many watts your fridge/freezer draws, you can also run your freezer to prevent from spoiling hundreds of dollars of meat and other vital food items.

Old people may also require cooling as a life-safety issue.


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