I’m going to add to this blog over time as I learn, understand Preparedness Fuel and Power.

Before getting into this blog, make sure all areas of preparedness are well covered.
Why would you have 6 months of energy squared away, but not have a weeks worth of water?!?

Do you have a weeks worth of food, water a way to protect/defend it, sanitization, energy, shelter?

Start with a week and then a month and then 6 months on the following topics (food, water, shelter, security, energy, health & sanitization).

We all have PET topics/areas of preparedness, but we must be systematic and holistic!

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Your 6 survival needs

  • Food
    • Journal your consumption
    • Eat what you store, store what you eat
    • Just get to 2 weeks, do it again, do that again = 60 days
    • Become a producer
  • Water
    • Soda bottles, Arizona Tea bottles etc
    • Frozen water serves two purposes
    • Learn to make water safe to drink (filter, boil, etc.)
    • Consider rain catchment or locate local sources
  • Shelter
    • A place to go that you can count on
    • A well thought out evacuation plan
    • Tarps, tools, etc. to stay home if possible
    • Get a good portable shelter and hope it is only for camping
  • Security
    • Develop op sec and situational awareness
    • Consider being armed
    • Avoid the three S’s – Stupid Places, Things, People
    • Accept both the good and bad realities about security
  • Energy
    • Build a black out kit include rechargeable batteries
    • Get a inverter, extension cord and splitters
    • Generator or battery bank
    • Store Fuel – 12 can rotation over time
  • Health and Sanitation
    • Have a way to dispose of or deal with waste
    • Keep a good medical kit on hand at all times
    • Develop disaster time procedures and protocols
    • Learn the most basic use of herbs and essential oils
  • You just keep going from there
  • The other basics
    • Cash – carry cash, have cash at home as well
    • Insurance – keep it updated
    • Bank Accounts – have two
    • Documentation – build “the pack”
    • Communications – weather radio/battery radio and TV antenna
    • Cell Phone – battery packs
    • 72 Hour Kit – skip the tactical shit, at first
  • Final thought, if you won’t help yourself, why would anyone else



Lets dive into energy!


A “black out kit” is in case the power goes out and you can quickly turn the a flashlight on.

For me, I carry a flashlight everyday (EDC) & I have motion sensor lights in every room & hallway, so a blackout kit is automated for me & our family.


BTW, costco has a better deal on these from time-to-time!


With an INVERTER you can turn your car into a generator!

This is the inverter I keep in my car.

This is the inverter I keep in my car.

This inverter is handy to run your laptop etc in your car:

What about your fridge & freezer?

Well, it should be well stocked with meat & provisions, but if it is not, you can freeze 2liter bottles of water; which helped us when we were without power for 3 days August in Memphis. ALL of our friends/neighbors LOST hundreds of dollars of food from their fridge/freezer, but we didn’t LOSE any food because our chest freezer had lots of frozen 2liter bottles!

I figure that a full chest freezer will last 3-4 days, after that you need to add ice. I have this ice maker that I can use my generator or car with an inverter to make ice!


Generator or battery bank

I recommend buying a generator from costco, with the costco guarantee. Several times a year they come on sale.

This is the generator I have:


PRACTICE USING your generator every 6 months and ENSURE several people in your family can operate the generator!

Store Fuel – 12 can rotation over time

I recommend you have 12 gas cans (NOT stored in your house/garage) and have each one labeled 1 through 12. 1=Jan 12=Dec, and then dump that month’s into your car 12 months later and refill it that same month. That way you have 12*5 (60 gallons of gas) and it never goes bad!

So, I’m VERY excited about this prepper product! Anyone that has used a govt-designed gas cans in recent history will know it is nearly unusable!

Yet another govt-scam!
I’ve almost seriously injured myself “modifying” these pour spouts!

Now, we don’t have to!
No more spilling fuel on yourself or the environment!



As far as the govt goons go, this is for a water jug 😉

If you want a vent hole so it pours faster, grab these too:


I added it to my “fav gear list/Gear recommendations list”:





Once you have your car-generator, you are ready for a better more mature solution. Look at myinpower!

Powering your home when the grid is down



This Wednesday at 7pm, at my house. I will be showing how I can run my furnace blower/heater without the power company/grid.
There is this COOL device that allows me to safety cut-off the grid and switch to a generator connection.
THIS is a lot of peace of mind, for half-day or multi-day outages. When I was very young, my family went 6 weeks without electricity.
When we lived in Memphis TN, we were w/o power for 3 days in August. Very HOT & humid!
Several times in Saratoga, we have been w/o power for a half-day.  Knowing that I can power my freezer/fridge & heat/cool my family for a few hours a day is a big peace-of-mind.
Well worth $650 for the “myinpower” that allows me to switch from grid2generator!!!
 Solar is the most expensive per watt option. But if you are off-grid, its way less money than running electric lines 50 miles!
Solar will be another topic for another day. But I believe you better have 12 months of food/water/energy/health & sanitation, Security!  BEFORE you start looking at Solar!
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