Being able to hook-up and evac with “most critical” gear is….priceless.

REQUIREMENTS: Multi-use trailer for every day use & emergency response. This is NOT a convert to RV and NOT convert to tiny-house. In a few years, I plan to buy a motor home and then I can pull the enclosed trailer with the motor-home.


  1. Store Motor sports
  2. Store evac gear
  3. Help folks move, including self.
  4. storage shed with wheels.
  5. hook-up and evac if needed.



I will be adding to this blog as I build-out my prepper trailer.



Bed-liner Trailer Ramp Project


USC Defender Pro Epoxy Truck Bed Liner Kit

OR  Rust-Oleum Professional Grade Truck Bed Liner Kit

Anti-slip Paint Additive

air compressor

Painters tape


A nice surprise, the trailer came with a nice-thick primer. After doing research, I determined the primer would need to come off.  I spent an hour pressure washing the ramp!




Bug Out Trailer Shelves

Please note with these shelves, d-rings on top and bottom with ratchet or cam-straps. ALSO, for home-made shelves, ENSURE you pre-drill or you will split the wood!!

ply wood is recommended over particle board for strength & weight.  Use of hardware is a good idea, adds strength…w/o the weight of all steel construction.


For my trailer, I want to be able to remove the shelves quickly for motorsports and hauling large items, so I went with rubbermade/lowes shelves.

Please note d-rings with self-tapping screws and bungee cords. These shelves are rated at 350 lbs. I can also use the d-ring for LED lanterns, drying clothes, helmet hooks etc.

Here is my setup:



I also built a work-bench, but its high enough to not get in the way of motorsports…and I’m too tall, so the workbench works. I plan to do a battery bank under the workbench. I used cardboard to fit the 3/8 plywood and predrilled ALL screw holes so as to not split the wood.



I mounted this on the inside, a bit harder to get to, but on those tight turns, it is worth having inside the frame.



I was going to use my UTV, but its too big to properly backup the trailer, with the street facing ramp, I need my smaller ATV to get the trailer out of my side-yard. So, I welded this up.  I anchored into the differential with 5 bolts. I used cardboard to get it fit’d right, then I cut it out and welded it to a 2×2 receiver hitch. 

Preparedness Trailer Evac Ideas and likely future projects



Huge generator? Or store small generator?

SecureIT gun cabinet? I installed it, but then decided I’d rather have a workbench.

Solar & battery bank

Water storage, filters

⅔ of storage is taken up by side-by-side 

Gas cans on outside of trailer.

Food & a way to cook it.


Sleeping bag bin

Firestarter kits


x Shelves

x Hygiene – toilet.

Action pack – of food prep & non-perishable food items.

Weather related.

Volcano 1 burner stove. And propane tank

x Big buddy heater

Ham radio -base station. And built in antenna.


Tools – axe, mini-aircompressor, car-kit.

Winch – come-along or hand winch

hunting/butcher items


TSP Bugout trailer notes

BOT 1 notes

costoco yellow/black tub/totes storage. rugged & water proof, stackable.
My local costco has them for $9 for large or two small for $10 ish

tote of water, food, gear.

cargo trailer – consider logo so as to not raise suspicion/or not to look transient.

bob wells rv living –

If moving, why not buy a cargo trailer and keep it, instead of renting.

tarps for rain protection, privacy etc


BOT 3 notes

heater that vents out.


laser to fake bad-guys when out of country.


HT Ham radio that can tune into FM radios.

bug out to walmart parking lot, driveway, homedepo, near PD, @ friends house,  blm land


antitheft – remove tires,


Use trailer for adventures and simulate a real response.

impact wrench, test portable air compressor. or battery powered impact wrench.

storing valuables in “pain cans”.

compact 12 ga:

Midland Backpack 12 Gauge 18.5" Barrel

racks and roof storage

Pet gear, food, multi-leash.




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  1. Mike Wood says:

    Great post Thomas. Some great information for us to think about and use to help our preparedness.

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