The wonderful life of bee keeping


My daughter Camille asked if we could get into bee keeping. We both went to a home school event where a family of bee keeper presented and we were both HOOKED on bee keeping!

I listened to a bunch of Podcasts on Bee Keeping.  Found Lee Knight Family Honey, and signed up for a bee kit and training early 2013.

Everyone is fanicnated with bee keeping and really wants to find out more! I always tell them, take professional training (Just like firearms professional training. Having firearms doesn’t make you an expert, just like owning bees doesn’t make you an expert…but a bee-haver).


Our Youtube videos 2013

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Our 2014 Vidoes:

Sorry about the audio, I left the water proof case on the gopro!

2014 second year hive


2014 Honey Harvest Video

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