All of this gear is proven by myself.


Here is a great podcast on knives. We all have our favorites and for good reason.

My all time fav & most carried is the spyderco endura wave

It took me about 6 years to figure out, that the syderco steel is so hard to sharpen, that I shouldn’t be cutting boxes & other dulling items.
So, now I carry support-side a nice little knife that I can swap the blades.

The 3rd blade I carry everyday is the sog duo. Its half the weight of the sog powerassist and almost as functional (I still carry the power assist in my backpack).

Other great blades that I don’t carry everyday, but I have in kits or they are speciality items:

The best steel & best Inside-the-waist-band fixed blade for tactical & bush craft applications (IMO). esee 4

These are in my “get home kits”. lmf


This one I got at shotshow a few years ago. I’m still in the process of converting to a neck knife.
Tops Knives Mini Scandi Survival neck Knife

If you don’t mind the size & weight, this is a near-perfect multi-tool(sog powerassist). The mechanical advantage on pliers is legendary!


Gunsmithing Toolbox Ideas

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red

TEKTON 2830 Everybit

Sun System Triangle Two Way Level with Magnet

Milwaukee 48-22-3104 Inkzall Point Marker,

Sharpie Metallic

12-Piece Stainless Steel Double-Sided Wax Carvers Set

LaserLyte 22-50 Caliber Mini Bore Sight


TEKTON 25282 26-pc. Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set, Inch/Metric

Bluecell 50pcs 150mm Releasable/Reusable Plastic Zip Cable Wire Tie for Organization/Management

LED Headlamp – Very Bright, Light & Waterproof – 4 White & 2 Red Light Settings

Starrett S565WB Drive Pin Punch 8-Piece Set

wheeler roll pin punch

Nylon Multipurpose Vise Jaws

shaving brush, great for consistent/even gun oil on your action

Otis Tactical Cleaning System with 6 Brushes

My all time fav screw driver set.

Wheeler 89-Piece Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set, Black/Yellow

Fixxxer Hollow End Stainless Steel Starter Punch Set

Loctite Blue 242


Shop Towels

Digital Caliper

Wells Lamont Nitrile Coated Work Gloves 12 Pairs Large(I get these at costco)

M16 and AR15 Field Cleaning Kit


Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench

Turns out, I don’t like this trigger gauge.


Husky vicegrip

My fav gunsmith hammer.
SE 8355HH 5-IN-1 Dual Interchangeable Hammer

Titan 11512 7-1/2″ Mini Pry Bar

The Segway MKIII Reticle Leveler

Craftsman 9-44664 Adjustable Wrench Set, 3 Piece

Channel locks:

TEKTON 1902 Round Magnetic Parts Tray

Large Magnetic Nut and Bolt Tray

My fav sight pusher:

ar15 Front Sight Adjuster

Gerber Short Stack AR-15 Maintenance Tool


EDC Water bottle. I have one in every car, at the office, home, etc etc.

This is my EDC cell phone “hands free”. I listen to podcasts, talk on the phone while driving.

Kitchen knives

This is my sharpest knife & I built a kydex sheath to protect it from being in the kitchen drawer. My fingers are also protected by my custom kydex sheath.

Swiss Army Brands 40517 Boning Knife


These are my fav, they almost never wear out, are cool rugged and I’m able to carry my EDC “gear”.

vertx phantom



This is my all time fav, in my “Foxy Flash Pouch” so I don’t lose the flashlight. Also, quick one-handed deploy and “re-holster”.

I recommend the new protac dual fuel

OTHERS I’ve tried over the years.

I’ve purchased other protac, but the above is my EDC.

HANDS FREE head light for fixing your car, changing your tires or medical in the field or getting a sliver out of your kids.

These are great gifts for kids & preps(LED latterns)

Weapon mounted light(TLR-3), that is nearly flush with a 4″ pistol inside a “Foxy Tuck Holster”!


Did you miss your calling as a “Fly Hunter”? These are very effective at too tall to reach flys, or if you can’t get very close to them.




phone mount(s)

magnetic ball mount.

Great for making labels on your “evac bins” or misc labeling of your things, as well as great medical tape and just great all-around tape!

Great wallet. add “dutch tape tabs”, so you can strategically remove the cards you need, without showing cards you’d rather not be seen (for example, if you are caring concealed and asked for your ID in a “prohibited area”, don’t “flash” your CCW/CFP.

Every prepper needs a box of these amazon basics AA/AAA rechargeable batteries, along with a quality charger!

I’ve used this charger since 2013, its ideal for topping off your rechargeable batteries!

gun-shot wound recovery!

I have a tradition in my family. If I fix something, I get to buy some tools to make the next job easier/do-able!

open ended wrenches with cool portable roll up case.

good socket set:

hex key set:

This is what I used on my rainbarrel (see my blog)

Seems pricy until you don’t have it and need it! This is one of the best, you can fill up tractor tires or huge truck tires…or a “air-mattress”

water RO filter. filter that “govt water” 😉

jerky gun

tow strap


I own two of these, these are awesome to store in your pistol grip on your ar15. Great field ar15 armoror’s tools.

gerber short stack

You’d be surprised how handy a label maker is!
I label all my ammo cans, cell phone cases with In Case of Emergency (ICE) then phone number.

tech sights for “appleseed project”, rimfire apature sights (these are awesome!).
Make sure you get the right model for your gun!

I use these anderson powerpole connectors for ham radio connectors & other electronics like wiring the DVD player into the car. Harbor Freight has a great crimper that works ok…but the price is amazing!

This is my all-time fav “gun smithing Hammer”. Dozens of people have purchased this on my recommendation and have loved it!

This was super handy in my “tactical shotgun” class.

This what I use to power my mobile ham radio unit in the house.

This is very handy and a great way to enrich your relationship with your spouse.

This is the camera I use for my home surveillance.

This is a great combo for a range holster.

Want to alert if there is water in your gunsafe, basement. Priceless when on vacation and you can sleep knowing your toys/tools are DRY.

BUY IN ONCE, yeah its a bit more than most elec-hearing protection, but worth every penny.

See if you can find a current edition, these are fantastic!
Read & learn…save your life or those you care about later.

This board game is fun & will help teach your kids how to be responsible with money!

My all time fav punch set:

A required classic for any self-defense centered person!

I LOVE the ech-drive line of watches! solar rechargable=battery forever!
maintenance free perfection. Pick the one you like, this is my adventure version.

Are you serious about not getting cold? I have one of these & wished I had one for each person in my family.

These targets are a bit big, but I like to turn them over to all white side and paint 2″-6″ orange DOTS for skip loading or “sight-in”.

These are great for lady-shooters at the range. The drop helps compensate for lady’s short torso.

simple, powerful Network Attached Storage (NAS).
surveillance station is very powerful for managing video camera!

this should last a lifetime. once the stickers wear off, just spray paint them orange again!
I have two and whenever the kids go plinking with me, these spinners come with us!

these are incredibly handy for cleaning rifles. Imagine catching all the excess cleaning fluids in a tub!

These are lifesavers during those summer months and a gun-class!

The excellent gun-manipulation gloves!

How did I live 10 years of my life without a variable speed adjustable dremel!

Great passport photo printer!
I use this for my conceal carry classes!

Emergency documentation on every keychain!

Great get home pack! non-tactical, light, strong. blends in!

Can you make ice during an emergency?

These tools help you NOT launch your ar15 retaining pins
We often use these in our workshops.


This is what I use in my NG home made jerky!

These are the nutnfancy recommended sunglasses.

Recommended binocs & laser range finder

Handy tools for theoffice & shop:

Nutnfancy Recommended reddot!


non-govt gas-can pour spout! No more spilling gas on your & the environment!