Now, I know what you are thinking, keep the “mall ninja” stuff off my AR15!  I agree. But, there is a time & a place to have a flashlight on your AR15 for proper threat identification & illumination (NOT to blind them and NOT to disoriented the attacker). Once the treat is properly identified, then corrective action can be taken 😉

Having a light on a long-gun IS a requirement because you can not hold, sight and fire with one hand; like a handgun in the Harries Technique.




  • rugged and dependable — hey, its a self-defense tool, why bet your life on junky gear?!?
  • 1st I do NOT want light “negligent discharge (ND)”, so if the light is a bit slower to activate, that is better than it flipping on while slinged or deployed or patrolling”.
  • I don’t want the “profile” to stick out and bump/bang/snag on everything.
  • It’d be nice if the light didn’t get a lot of muzzle flash and thus significantly impact the lights effectiveness from getting “soiled” by carbon build-up.
  • not too heavy and not too bulky.
  • somewhat consistent with my other long-gun light system.
  • possible future Night Vision, thus the ability to throw IR (Infra-red) really helps night vision
  • I want to be able to run the ar15 the same way I have trained with thousands of repetitions and not unset/upset my muscle memory for a light (thus, the light can’t be in the way and not too far forward that I forget and I have to move my hand later to turn the light ON).
  • Clear/not get in the way of MBUS (backup iron sights).  12 oclock seems ideal, if it clears optic & mbus. Otherwise 3pm for a right handed shooter means the field of view is not impacted by the light on the left side of the rifle (using your support eye, you don’t want a bunch of prime view blocked by a piece of hardware.
  • Possible/desired standardization on all long-guns. Quick move the light to a different long-gun, that has basically the same mounting system.
  • Not get in the way of a sling (thus a 6 oclock light mount…is going to get extra stress from a 6 oclock sling-mount


Streamlight TLR1-HL.


  1. 800 lums
  2. small & rugged
  3. turn light on from support-side or primary side (left or right handed).
  4. Mount just in front of MBUS (backup iron sights)
  5. use on a handgun if needed
  6. momentary light ON OR stay-on option.


  • The retention screw MAY come loose after time without proper lock-tight or thread-mate.



If you are a surefire fan, you may consider getting “ears to protect” the on/off switch so you don’t ND the light!

EXO – Surefire X-Series




InForce WX-05-2 InForce, Mlx, Multi Function Weapon Mounted Light, 700 Lumens, Gen 2, White/Infrared LED, black


  • I like the low profile and ruggedness
  • IR for night vision (IF you buy the correct version).
  • 700 lums


  • Lower than competing LUMs
  • The slant on/off could be a con and also could be a pro IMO. After working with it, I believe the slant is a big pro!

Recommended rail/slant:



Another option is a traditional light combined with this with magpul’s light mount.

This mount works on nearly anything and everything, even if you don’t have a rail, you can put screws into your plastic handgaurd.


Streamlight ProTac Railmount 2L Dedicated Fixed-Mount Long Gun Light

streamlight dedicated weapon mounted protac. I’m currently experimenting with this one on my sig516.

I like that it comes with a tail-cap OR a pressure tape. I think unscrewing the tail, so you don’t ND the light unless/until you need it at night might work.  If its in your home and its your grab long-gun (after you have a lull from using your handgun that is ON YOU), then it might make sense to have it “ready to go”.



  • Very similar to my duel-fuel protac for my EDC.  CR123…great.  AA battery…great (very flexible).


  • pokes out more than I’d like that can snag on gear etc.

For my preference, with this setup…my support hand is a bit too close to the mag-well for my “muscle memory”

upsize to the 1000 lums streamlight!




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