I got some great photos with my son, he joined us at shotshow this year…finally. I’ve  been wanting to bring my son for many years.

A few years ago we did a group buy on an awesome gun safe, but it had defective multi-locks. I spoke with securam and they will make an exception on replacing the locks!

TOPS knives: I’ve bought a 50% off tops knife at every shot show I’ve been to. This year, they have to ship it to you because NO “cash & carry allowed” 🙁 🙁

I got to pet silencerco’s new integrated 9mm glock-like suppressed pistol. Its “ok”.
I’m going to pass, still near impossible to conceal.

I DID speak with Mike P., he has moved on from silencerco to “dead air”.For me, I’m in the market for a “pistol suppressor”. Mike thinks I’d be happy with this one (the ghost).

I talked to yamaha about a 4 seater side by side ATV, for hunting…with a little sport. They say, they hope they are coming out with one soon!  I really LOVE yamaha products and my 2000 kodiak just keeps going and going. I love their transmission!

snapsafes had a cheapo vault door for a “cold storage/ food storage room”.
about $1100: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/106307/snapsafe-vault-door-36×80-digital-lock-matte-black
Weighs about 300lbs, which is about 1000 lbs too light IMO.

wicked sharp has a new product of “wicked sharp GO”, a portable sharpening. I got my sypderco very very sharp. I’m considering buying one!

secureit ultra light gun safes & storage solutions. I met the president of the company and we talked about wranglestar’s review of his safe. I’d really like to add this product to my offerings. This solution seems to fit my customers best.

magpul has a stock for the ruger1022 take-down, where the barrel & forearm of the firearm stores in the stock!
I’m considering ordering a walnut stock 1022 take down and then ordering the magpul backpacker stock!

gerber skinning knife…razor blade replaceable!

gerber strong arm (tactical field blade):

I’ve been on the edge of getting a binoc range finder for many years. I think I’ve finally found the one I want its the vortex fury.

Blackhawk has a new kydex holster, they claim will fit 150  pistols. This is an outside the waist band solution called the Blackhawk omnivore. Sounds like if your semi-auto has a rail, it’ll work in this holster.  It has a thumb retention mechanism.  With & without a light. Left handed or right handed.



YHM dust cover for 300 blackouts

Yamaha wolverine 4 seater – wait for 4 seater

see about professional service/instructor discount for Springfield

secureIT group buy

wicked edge sharpener – GO

share photos

signup for winter driving course.


The new Magpul “backpacker” stock for the Ruger 10/22 TAKE down:


Vortex Binocs/rangefinder:


Holosun solar reddot:


ESS sun/safety glasses Group Buy

I ordered a 44mag and below “body armor” for my vertx backpack for only $150.

I purchased my son this amazing knife for only $120: https://www.topsknives.com/knives/tactical/anaconda-7b


Two wheel-drive trail bike called the Rokon


Angel armor for your vehicle, transferable from one vehicle to another! Windows and doors


discrete conceal carry belt – Next Belt:


<paste from John Farnam- newest on top>


20 Jan 17
2017 SHOT Show, Last Day:

At this, the last day of the 2017 SHOT Show, nearly everything stopped
during the swearing-in ceremony in Washington DC.  There were TV monitors
everywhere.  A spontaneous cheer broke-out at the conclusion, and cheering
continued throughout DJT’s acceptance speech.  It was as if a great plague  had
been lifted from our Nation.  Actually, that description is pretty  close!

I notice there was destructive rioting in DC and other metro areas, by
leftists of course, acting like the spoiled brats they are.  When BHO won  in
2008 and 2016, I didn’t like the results either, but I didn’t react by
destroying property and hurting people.  That is because we consider  ourselves
good people, far from perfect of course, but at least striving to be  good
and decent citizens.  Leftists aren’t, and don’t!

A South African ex-patriot, now living in the UK and also watching,

“While watching, I cried bitterly for my lost country…

Best wishes Marine, my comrade and brother!”

Today, saw the “Coyote Light.”  It’s a powerful red spotlight, used to
hunt predators, particularly coyotes.  Red light does not “spook” the
animals.  It’s almost invisible to them!

A company called “Timber Creek Outdoors” makes grips and forends of
aluminum, but both are skeletonized, to reduce weight.  An even more
revolutionary AR forend is made by “Brigand Arms” from woven (braided) carbon  fibers.
It is very strong, with plenty of places for heat to escape.

Primary Arms, makers of an Aimpoint H1 knock-off, also makes a wide variety
of other rifle optics, which I didn’t know.  I have one of my ARs equipped
with a Primary Arms RDO, and it has always run well.  At under $200.00, it
is very attractive!

Overall comments:

The first day of the SHOT Show, I noticed crowds were down from last year,
but the second and third days, it was very crowded.  I was told that a
number of late vendor registrations had to be turned town, for lack of space,
much as was the case last year.  When you want to come, get your
credentials in advance.  Otherwise, you’ll stand in long lines most of the  first day!

Mood was upbeat, particularly after this morning’s Inauguration  Ceremony!

Many claiming to make ARs, more than I could count!  Again, the money  is
in high-end guns!

More AR accessories than I could count!  One, called the “Trigger  Point”
incorporated a laser switch in the rifle’s trigger!  For one, I  think the
purpose of triggers should be confined to causing the gun to fire, but  maybe
I’m just old-fashioned!

Many ammunition manufacturers, knife-makers, range equipment makers, and
loading/reloading equipment manufacturers.

The SHOT Show is a coming-out party.  Vendors are here to write orders  for
the coming year.  They want to talk with distributors and big  retailers.
But, everyone is polite, and most even talk with lowly  trainers, like me.

We’re used to the Sands Exposition Center now.  We know where  restrooms
are, and most vendors end-up pretty close to the place they were last  year!

When you come to the SHOT Show, be prepared to walk!  By the end of  the
day, your feet and legs will feel it!

This year’s SHOT Show was a great success, for most attendees, and for me
personally.  I get to see all my old friends!

Now, I’m going to find a poker game!


19 Jan 17
2107 SHOT Show, Third Day:

I spent all morning at our annual meeting of the Board of Advisors of ACLDN
(Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network).  Our Network is rapidly growing
in  size and influence, and still represents your best bet for legal and
financial  shielding, as a legal American gun-owner/carrier.

Other Board Members include Manny Kapelsohn, Mas Ayoob, Jim Fleming, Tom
Givens, Denny Tueller, Marty Hayes

The excellent educational material provided with your membership is worth
the price by itself!  With membership now over 12k, in 2106 we had no
incidents requiring the intervention of the Network!

I conducted several recorded interviews on the SHOT Show floor this
afternoon, with my friends and colleagues, James Yeager, Pete Pi (CEO of
Cor-Bon), Justin Moon (CEO of Kahr), and  Jared Wihongi, knife designer and  trainer
for Browning.  Much good current information, and all will be made
available shortly in our Operator Series videos.

Browning Black Label knives (designed by Wihongi) are available on our
Operator Series Web Page, at our Pro Shop.

I talked with friends at Blackhawk. Contrary to what I reported yesterday,
Blackhawk’s wonderful series of discrete rifle bags, called “Diversion
Bags,”  has been discontinued.  I encouraged them to bring them back!  In the
interim, “Sneaky Bags” (mentioned yesterday) will suffice and make an
acceptable  alternative.

I talked with friends at First Light.  Flagship product continues to  be
the 700 lumen T-Max LE.  Customer service at Firstlight is second to  none!
The T-Max LE is also available at our Pro Shop.

This afternoon, we received the news that the US Army has officially
adopted the SIG320 Pistol to replace its ageing (and never popular) fleet of
Beretta 92s.  Friends at SIG are delirious!  They tell me that SIG’s  clever
modularity was the major selling point.  It’s a good choice, and  will serve
the Army well!

Our Presidential Inauguration is at 9:00am (local time) tomorrow  morning.
We’ve already seen several rag-tag protestors locally.   Everyone here is
on-edge, concerned about dangerous rioting.

Interesting that only leftists think they have the right to riot!

More tomorrow!



18 Jan 17
2017 SHOT Show, Second Day:


I saw Dick Davis of Armor Express today!  Dick, inventor of soft body

armor and supposedly “retired,” still mans the AE booth.  Dick and I go  back a

long way.  He is a real hero!


Dick is reviving the Bowling Pin Shoot, where we all had such a great time

so many years ago!  Central Lake, MI, 9-16 June 17.  I’m going to try  to

make it!


At Raven Holsters, I confirmed that they are still making the “V62.”

Basically, a trigger-guard cover, with a lanyard.  Perfect for pistols kept  in

handbags.  The trigger is protected.  When the gun is drawn, the  cover

pulls off, and the pistol can then be fired normally.  They’re making  it for

the G19/23, and now the S&W M&P, and the G42.


Phalanx Defense is still making their “Stealth Operator.”  A kydex

belt-holster (outside and IWB) that fits nearly any modern service pistol.

Perfect for equipping students coming to Courses without holsters or with

nonsense “holsters” that are unsuitable for serious carry.


A company called SERT had on display their line of “Sneaky Bags.”   Soft

rifle cases that don’t look like gun cases.  Several sizes to  accommodate

nearly any serious rifle.  I’m getting one!


Blackhawk makes a similar line they call “Diversion Bags”


UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) make a clear face-mask, suitable for

Airsoft training.  One problem inherent to Airsoft and Sims training is  that

most face-masks make it impossible to see facial expressions, and

interpreting facial expressions is an important component of scenario-based  training.

This face mask solves that problem!


Hexmag, famous for AR magazines, is now making a G17 pistol magazine, as

well as a 20-round 308 rifle magazine.


Lancer is also making an excellent AR magazine, and 308 magazines.

Semi-translucent plastic body reveals remaining round count, without making it

obvious to everyone.  Hard to beat!


Friends at Lehigh Defense, makers of high-performance ammunition, showed me

their new FTM round.  The 9mm version features a solid copper, 90gr bullet

with a “scalloped” nose. It is not a hollow-point, but the Lehigh folks

are  convinced it has superceded conventional controlled-expansion

projectiles, and  thus represents the next step in the evolution of serious pistol



Velocity is 1400f/s.  Penetration 12″-18″, per FBI standards.   Gelatin

tests are impressive, and of course, there is no hollow cavity to  plug-up!


I’ll have some to test shortly!


Friends at Lone Wolf, makers of replacement Glock barrels, and a host of

other Glock replacement parts, tell me that the barrel they make that

converts a  G22/23 into 9mm (9mm Glock magazines run in 40S&W Glock pistols just

fine)  is their most popular item.  Can’t make them fast enough!


Owners of 40-caliber Glocks can thus “convert” their pistols to fire

relatively inexpensive 9mm ammunition.


Lone Wolf is now doing the same thing for the S&W M&P Pistol!


The surging popularity of 9mm pistols is insuring prosperity for Lone  Wolf!


Friends at Eotech tell me the “thermal drift” issue that reared its head

last year is now history.  I editorialized at the time that the whole

affair was mostly BS anyway, and irrelevant for the vast majority of  users.  In

any event, it is long-since been taken care of.


More tomorrow!





17 Jan 17


2017 SHOT Show, 1st Day:


Two more major companies have now produced Glock-like pistols, both of

which I got my hands on today:


Century Arms CANIK (TP9) Pistol, and the CZ P10C Pistol.


Both are striker-fired, polymer-framed, double-column, 9mm service pistols,

with VGG (variable grip geometry), tabbed trigger, and no manual safety.

Retail for either is $500.00-$550.00.  Both are very acceptable, and very



I particularly like the CANIK.  Turkish manufactured, but well made,  its

slide is ceramic coated (cerakote).  Slick and smooth.  Trigger is

Glock-like, with crisp reset.  My friend and colleague, James Yeager, is  currently

carrying a copy and has no compunction about recommending it.  I  may do the



One concern of mine is the pistol’s ambidextrous, long, cantilevered

slide-release levers.  When operating the one on the left side of the  pistol

with your thumb (assuming you’re right-handed), there is no  problem.  We

prefer racking the slide, but using the lever may be necessary  from time to time.


However, when a right-hander uses his right index finger (trigger finger)

to push down the lever on the right side of the pistol, his finger often

slides  off, enters the trigger-guard, and hits the trigger!  On the left side

of  the pistol, the thumb is too short to cause that problem.


The Walther PPQ has the same issue!  On my copy of the PPQ, I had my

gunsmith simply remove the lever on the pistol’s right side.  With it gone,  the

potential problem goes away!


When I get my copy of the CANIK, I’ll perform the same surgery!


I’ve informed friends at both Walther and Century Arms about this potential

issue, so they are aware of it.


I asked friends at Beretta if their Glock-like APX Pistol would see the

light of day at this year’s SHOT Show.  They answered in the negative, once

more, and could give me no intro date.  I’ve only seen pictures of  it.


That leaves only two, major gun companies without a modern, flagship pistol

to sell:


Beretta and Colt.  Both need to get with it!


Friends at DSA, Robinson Arms, et al all tell me that there is little

profit any more in low-priced, plain-vanilla ARs.  Much competition, and  some

companies now using cheap, Chinese parts (which are mostly crap).   With

retail prices flirting with $500.00, there is scant incentive to get into  that



The money is now in high-end AR and other military rifles, with features

like high-tech coatings, M-lock forends, high-tech optics,

collapsible/adjustable stocks (Robinson Arms’ version is called the “Fast 3″),  etc.  DSA,

Robinson Arms, PTR, Daniel Defense, Doublestar, et al now have  wonderful

offerings and packages in that category.  For one, I don’t want a  “cheap” AR!


Cor-Bon is now making practice (hardball) ammunition, in house, at

attractive prices!  Their high-performance ammunition, like DPX, Power  Ball, Urban

Defense all continue in high popularity.  Cor-Bon is becoming a  major

player.  A company to watch!


I got a chance to handle Meprolite’s “FT” sight today.  It’s a

low-profile attachment to the rear of a pistol’s slide.  Much less bulky  than a

typical RDO!  No holster modification required.  No  batteries.  Front sight

becomes irrelevant!  Shooter sees a small,  illuminated dot, surrounded by a

small circle when the pistol is at  eye-level.  I like the “sight picture,”

but I’m concerned that you can’t  see anything until everything is precisely

aligned.  I thus found myself  “fishing” for the sight picture as the

pistol came up to eye-level.  Maybe  after I use it for a while, a consistent

presentation will address that  issue.


Kahr, who used to have the single-column, striker-fired, carry-pistol

business to themselves, now has much competent competition, as I mentioned

yesterday.  They’ve responded with their new TU3 series of 9mm and 380auto

pistols, featuring three-dot sights and a cerakoted slide.  I like it and  will

have a copy (9mm) soon!


Friends at Comp-Tac tell me that the trend in concealment holsters now is

in making holsters that will accommodate RDOs and laser attachments

permanently  attached to pistols, as it seems those two “enhancements” have really

caught-on  in the burgeoning concealed-carry market.


Speaking of which, friends at GTM (Gun Tote’n Mammas) tell me demand for

their purses, briefcases, and handbags continues brisk!  For many women,  and

not a few men, “off-body carry” represents the only option for being

continuously armed.  GTM’s line is, by far, the most current, competent,  and

extensive, and all top quality.  We’ve trained GTM’s management team,  so

they know how to go armed, and do!


For those of us who still prefer “on-body” gunleather, Tom Kulwicki at

Alessi Leather is the man to see!  Tom’s shoulder-holsters, ankle-holsters,

and his “Talon/Tuckable” belt holster are second to none!  Expensive, but

the best always is!


The Show is huge.  We’ve barely started!


More tomorrow.






16 Jan 17


2017 SHOT Show, Range Day


We’re here in Las Vegas, NV for the 2017 SHOT Show, all this week.


Today was Range/Media Day at an outdoor range in Henderson , NV, where we

had the opportunity to shoot all the new guns that were of interest.


Here is what caught my interest:


Colt’s “Cobra” 38Spl, six-shot snubby revolver has been revived!   Smooth

and slick!  The “Cobra” and “Detective Special” were discontinued  years

ago.    Those of us who still have copies surely treasure  them!  This new

Cobra is wonderful.  For a back-up gun, you can’t go  wrong!


We saw and shot the new Hudson Pistol.  It is marketed as a  striker-fired

1911, but it feels more like an all-steel Glock!  No variable

grip-geometry, and it features a “jointed trigger,” with the hinge at the  bottom. Short

pull and shallow reset.  Feel of the trigger is different  than most, but I’

m sure I could get used to it.  Recoil is mild, but the  gun is heavy.


We shot the Springfield Armory EMP in 9mm.  Short and flat.  Nice  for

carrying.  Grip is bobbed at the rear, much like the Walther PPQ, which  I

really like!


The Kimber K6S six-shot, snubby revolver was smoother, even than the Colt

Cobra!  Once again, excellent back-up gun.


Honor Defense has been in business for a few year now.  They make a  nice,

single-column, 9mm, Glock-like carry pistol.  Trigger-group is  modular,

much like the SIG 320.  Designed to compete with the Kahr PM9,  S&W Shield,

Walther PPS/M2, and G43.  I like them!


We had a chance to shoot S&W’s “Gen-2″ M&P, and they’ve make some  genuine

improvements.  “Cat’s tongue” stippling is just right!   Trigger is much

improved, now with a snappy reset.  Since its introduction,  the M&P Pistol

has established an excellent reputation for reliability and  durability, and

I have no compunction recommending it.


Angel Armor from Colorado makes the lightest “stiff” armor I’ve ever

seen!  They won’t tell me what it’s made of, but a panel that lines an  entire

car door, rated for all pistol rounds, weighs less than eight  pounds.

Chest plates that stop rifle rounds are a half-inch think and  weigh ounces.

Amazing stuff!


Inland’s M1 Carbine is wonderful!  This little rifle is still a  favorite

of so many.


Urban Carry makes a clever update of the old “Pager Pal” holster.  The

pistol is hidden beneath the trousers in the “appendix” position.  Pulling

up on a leather tab exposes the butt of the pistol, so it can be quickly

drawn.  Of course, reholstering requires both hands.  Vicki, and my  daughters,

will be testing it!


Doublestar, makers of wonderful ARs and 1911s, had on display and

interesting AR accessory, called the “Mortar Plate.”  It’s a butt-plate  (with

rubber pad) that attaches to the end of the buffer-tube.  It makes a  short AR

stock, about as short as a telescoping stock when fully  collapsed.  However,

it is far less bulky.  Too short for me, but  Vicki really liked it for its

lightness and lack of bulk!


I admire all manufacturers who are not afraid to come out on Range Day and

invite all of us to actually shoot their wares, with live ammunition.  My

favorites were all there, even ones I didn’t mention.  They deserve much



The Show starts tomorrow morning.


More to come!



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