Side-by-side UTV/ATV DIY Roof for a Pioneer 1000-5 2016/2017/2018.

The dealer wanted a fortune for a plastic roof.

My roof requirements.

  1. storage of cargo
  2. heavy cargo like an elk
  3. provide shade in the summer
  4. protect against wet/ice
  5. not damage the roll-cage.
  6. not rattle or “flex noise”.

Coyote Tan, matte/camo Cerakote (ceramic paint)…going for “discrete camo”






5x8 1/8 aluminum sheet.

5×8 1/8 aluminum sheet.


I got a quote for a 5×8 1/8 aluminum sheet from metal mart, it was just under $400!  So, I called Affiliated Metals in SLC and got a quote for $180 out the door for the same sheet.

The 1/8 turned out to be a bit thicker when I mic’d it.  But, I was already home and figured I’d make due with what I had.


  1. I measured and added 4 inches. I wish I’d added 7 inches and then if needed cut it twice. Once the sheet is not too wobblie, a saws-all can cut it pretty easy.
  2. I used long sheets of paper, but I would recommend cardboard to line-up the bolts from the mounts.
  3. If you can find a metal-bender, make the sheet 10″ longer and then bend a rain-troth/groove.  I used .9 kydex to fabricate a rain gutter.
  4. I tried a rivet gun, it was too thick for the one I had.
  5. I used a long pipe to use as a mold for the kydex “rain gutter”.


MATERIALS – about $300 ish.

  1. $180 5×8 sheet of aluminum
  2. $20-40 of .9 kydex  (I had it on hand because I make pouches (mag pouches, flashlight pouches) out of .9.  I didn’t have a piece long-enough, so I had to use two pieces.
  3. Heat gun
  4. saws-all
  5. drill & bits
  6. $4.00 of Chicago screws (again from my leather working. Tandy leather has 100 for $35 ish. Most people that will be a life-time supply. I buy them in 1000s and get them down to about 10 cents a piece.
  7. Threadmate installed wet to dry more permeant.
  8. $54 ($6x$9) UTV roll-cage mounts AKA “Tusk Center Hole UTV Clamp 1 3/4″-1 7/8″ – 2017 HONDA Pioneer 1000-5”
    1. TIP, I wished I’d bought an extra one to support the middle of the sheet in the center bar of the UTV.

      two screws to tighten and about 3/8 hole for your bolt to poke through and snug onto sheet.

      two screws to tighten and about 3/8 hole for your bolt to poke through and snug onto sheet.

  9. $10 stainless steel bolts, nuts & washers from ace-hardware.
  10. $35 Cerakote (ceramic paint) from brownells. I’m doing desert tan for less sun-heat and more camo.




rain gutter

rain gutter

roof from cab-view

roof from cab-view



see the water from the hose exiting to the left?

see the water from the hose exiting to the left?

oil change



  1. gloves
  2. jackets
  3. HT ham radio
  4. strap with d-rings
  5. tire-repair kit
  6. snacks
  7. extra water bottles under the seat.


Mod1 – engine fan override, so I can turn on the fan before I climb a very steep mountain, that takes about 30 minutes to climb @ about 15-25 mph.

TWO fans are better than 1! and I can flip a switch and turn on the fan!


Mod2 – street kit

Mod 3 – winch

Mod 4 – flood lights

Mod 5 – winter windshield (do NOT put a windshield on a pioneer in the summer time, you will cook and be too hot!). Because I’m only going to run a windshield in the winter time, I’m thinking I want a full windshield if there is a cost savings.

Mod 6 – spare tire

Looking to build something close to this:

This is the tire & wheel I went with for my spare:

bighorn 2.0 28x9x14

Mod 7 – fire extinguisher


Mod 8 – roof-rack. I went with 1.5″ aluminum angle iron from Lowes. One on each side ($20 each). I’m really happy with it.


Leave more material in the anchor hole, so water doesn’t run through the hole.  I used a step-bit to drill the hole to the size of my ratchet strap.


  1. Its not too tall that you couldn’t get your UTV into an enclosed trailer/shed, but you could cargo-net/strap things down and it could provide lateral support for a cooler or cargo.
  2.  I tested it with the hose and it helps a lot for preventing side-water from coming into the cab, but it needs some sealant too.  One of the mount holes I drilled is too close to the bottom, so leave some material near the bottom of the rail if you are using it as a rain-gutter too.
  3. Good for mounting ratchet straps/cargo nets etc.
  4.  Stiffens the edge for strength. Its in a couple of inches so it shouldn’t get hit…or shouldn’t get hit very hard. I’m thinking the only way to really damage this is to flip the UTV over onto the rack. Its only 1.5″ high, so even then it should be “ok”.
  5. The stainless steel bolts help make it strong. I have more, but I’m still deciding if I want to add more bolts or not.
1. For the first time, I heard the roof at the perfect frequency/bumps where the roof & the rack clatter/rattle together. I think more bolts would resolve that.


Mod 9 – flag mount. I’ve got the air-host quick disconnect ready, I just need a mount for it.


Mod 10 – expand door “water bottle”, needs 2nd half of kydex to hold a larger water bottle. The built in ones does NOT fit my contingo water bottles 🙁

The cup-holders on the dash, get HOT from the radiator, so even if frozen…it thaws quickly.  The door bottle-holders, shouldn’t have hot air flow onto them or be too close to a heat source.

The kydex, when purchased in a 4’x8′ sheet, is almost free for this and super easy to heat-up and self-tap screw in. Notice the red threadmate?  so the selftapping screws don’t walk out with lots of bumps.

Please note, in the following photo. I REALLY heated up the plastic door, which is NOT kydex.  Took a long time to heat-up and a long time to cool-off. Compare to the other side where I did NOT do this.  I would try w/o remolding the door and see if you like it.  I don’t think it is worth heating the door to make a space to remove water bottle straight up (you can flex the kydex so you can get the bottle out w/o remolding the door).

Here is the other side w/o remolding the door:


Rear seat smaller-water-bottle holder.


Mod 11 – Under roof shelf for gear



Mod 12 – hood rollbar/brush guard –

big upside is, this bumper gives me roll-forward protection of my hood.

I would like a 2″ receiver hitch in the front, for parking trailers and such.

Mod 13 – SWITCH PANEL for engine-fan-over-ride switch!  The aluminum “safety plate” is perfect for mounting a gang-switch. I used a router-bit on my dremel. Cut less and then cut a bit more. I’d come in from the right side a bit more if I were doing it again; because there isn’t much to mount to that far to the right.


Heater solutions

heated seats is a good way to go.

I bought the golf-cart  heater and removed a cup-holder and inserted it. I also tethered it with twistie ties.


 Pros/Cons of Honda Pioneer 1000-5


  1. rear differential unlock (turf mode) means you are not tearing up your grass. It also means you wear out less tires on pavement.
  2. Lots of “modes”.  rear-diff-unlocked, rear-diff-locked, rear-diff-locked & front 4×4 diff unlocked, rear-diff-locked & front 4×4 with diff locked.  high/low.  manual transmission or automatic transmission. Within RPM ranges, you can manually up-shift or down-shift with paddles.  6 speed in high or low. There is a sport-mode, that shifts later so you have more rpm/torque.
  3. 1000 cc, with 1000 lbs in bed & 2000 lbs pulling.
  4. 3 seat bench seat, with option to fold-up two seats in the rear.
  5. quiet engine & transmission…compared to CVT rigs.
  6. Fun for sport and fun for utility.  I think this machine is unstoppable.
  7. At 1500 ish lbs, and amazing suspension, you can go fast over rough terrain and not get bounced to death like a truck/jeep.
  8. I paid another $900 for a 5 year warranty.
  9. Many UTV pros like high-flotation tires, light weight frames, skid plates cover the under belly. Its really hard to hurt these things.
  10. SEAT BELTS, this is the main reason I’m switching from ATV to UTV. One trip to the hospital you can buy a UTV! I want my family safe!
  11. The nets are handy in case you “react” and put your arm out if you roll-over, but with 63″ wide, under normal usage, I can’t see if rolling over.
  12. I paid a lot of money to rent a 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 to test it out before I purchased it.  I’d say it is worth the money before you spend a shload of money buying one! My dealer rented it to me and then put 50% of my rental fee towards my new machine!  I also went SXS with friends that had a Rzr 800 & 900 and would swap between vehicles out to “forest lake”. I almost bought a RZR, but then I thought of my teenagers getting hurt going too fast, and I’m more of a explorer/utility guy.  Yard work, hunting & exploring.
  13. Two air-filters, a pre and main air filter.
  14. The bed lifts up for maintenance of tranny/engine space.



  1. Heat in center, because the engine is in the center…which is great for center of gravity, it gets HOT if you have a windshield and its 100 degrees outside! They have a retro-fit heat kit that is coming soon, that will be “kind of a recall” that the dealer installs free of charge. Otherwise I would not have purchased this system.
  2. price! These things are PRICY!
  3. manual says climbing requires low. Low is not that low IMO.
  4. lots of rattling from rear-seats/bed…I don’t think the rental had this issue. The dump bed rattles when you don’t have anything heavy in there!
  5. when both seats in the rear are deployed, you have about a 4″ “bed”, another reason to have a solid roof for cargo!
  6. Manual says, see dealer for everything. I like to hack on my own vehicles to save money, understand/learn and to “really care” about up-keep.  So, see dealer bugs me.
  7. not a lot of after-market accessories…yet.



62″ wide seems very wide for a lot of hunting trails, but that also gives you more lateral stability.  If it was just me and one other passenger, I think I could be happy with a Yahaha wolverine.


OTHER MACHINES I considered.

Kawi Teryx 4, 4 seater…kind of bouncy.  a bit under powered for pulling IMO.

Yamaho Wolverine…but they don’t have a 4-5 seater. I test drove it briefly at a dealer & was impressed. If a friend buys one, I’d like to go do more testing with it. I think this is a really tough machine.

Mule pro.

RZR 900/1000.



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