Staying Current with news, skills, interests QUICKLY…daily!

In our fast paced world, staying current can be challenging. Staying current with news/events, professional skills, hobbies/interest can be challenging.

I want to teach you how to save time & money, so you can live a better life.

I’ve been using RSS readers for about a decade to stay current with my fast changing “IT Profession”.

Imagine not having to watch the news everyday! but in that same amount of time, cover ALL the news material!?!

Imagine finding new articles, podcasts, videos in your hobbies/interest?

Imagine not having to re-review articles over and over as you hit a dozen different websites daily/weekly!

For me, I have not watched TV since 1999! BUT, I stay current on news, trends, intellectual theory/journals etc by using an RSS Reader.

Why you should use an RSS Feed Reader

  1.  Quickly consume massive amounts of information that YOU are interested in. Not what “popular culture” believes YOU should be interested in.
  2. Subscribe and be “notified” of new articles from sources you want to read.
  3. Research and stay current on technology, theories, skills & even “news”
  4. So you can subscribe to your favorite blog;


My REQUIREMENTS for RSS Feed reader.

1) Support mobile device (smart phone). Meaning, I can review while eating breakfast, or throughout my day as I have a few seconds here and there as slack time.

2) Be able to configure it on a full sized keyboard.  Also, I want what I flag as READ on my mobile-device and computer to synchronize.

3) Flag articles as favorites to be referred to later…maybe for the rest of my life!


Products evaluated.

1) Firefox RSS “live bookmarks”. hee hee, remember when we used that!?! Pretty cool technology at the time!

2) Thunderbird email client, forums reader and RSS reader.

3) Google Rss Reader. Yeah, we are all sad it is no longer available!

4) INOreader (my favorite, that meets all my requirements).

So, lets talk about INOreader.

I have the app on my phone, and a toolbar link on my browser. I really do hit it everyday of my life 🙂 Gone are newspapers, books and old-school distribution of information!


Here is a screenshot of inoreader on my laptop. Its very similar on the mobile device!



 Where does Thomas get his information/learning?

1) – daily 60-90 minute podcasts that will change your life for the better. Healthier, happier, better family life, gardening.

2) My inoreader subscriptions (see above).

3) Marksmanship Matters


 ALSO, I’m highly recommending that you use an RSS Feed to be notified of my new BLOGS.

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