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Here are the details for the Sun Oven Workshop cookout.

PLEASE register for workshop (In the comments, please list what you plan to cook).

WHAT: Come be mentored by a Sun Oven Guru.

WHEN: August 27, noon-3pm, 2016

Neighborhood Park at: 2301 Western Drive, Saratoga Springs, UT 84045,-111.910001/@40.3201546,-111.9120509,17z/data=!3m1!4b1

WHY: Everyone likes to eat. Potluck if you want to. This can be recreation & preparation.

  Sister Lisa Card Cox of Lehi will be the “Sun Master” for this event.


     We attended her sun oven cooking class last week at the Barebones Campout at Tifie Ranch near Morgan, Utah, and she was exceptional and very informative.

     If you have a sun oven, please bring it, and let us know what you are going to cook for lunch for all.      We would like you to consider cooking either an entire, a dessert, or a bread in your sun oven. If you don’t have a sun oven, please consider purchasing one. Just type in “sun oven” on Google, and you will see an article that describes the top 5 sun ovens for 2016.

     In the event of a grid or power loss, using a sun oven will be effective any time the sun is shining, after you have used up your propane, charcoal, and/or local wood supply. You can also go to “youtube” and learn how to construct a very effective sun oven using heavy duty aluminum foil and a cardboard box.

     We are inviting ALL interested persons, whether you have a sun oven or not. Please bring all older children who might want to learn about this cooking skill. As there will be some 20-25 sun ovens cooking hot foods, this might not be an appropriate environment for small children and pets.

Be prepared to bring:

  • A sun oven (or just come to observe and learn)
  • A small, sturdy table, and perhaps an oil pan or cookie sheet or a small plywood sheet to protect the table from heat and food stains.
  • A meal of any entree, a bread, or a dessert to cook in your sun oven.
  • An appetite to sample all of the yummy food that we will all be cooking. 

In the event of rain or a lack of sun, we will reschedule this event two weeks later so as to not interfere with the Labor Day holiday. 

Please give this event wide dissemination to all local persons who might be interested.
Ron and Sherri 

Israel Canyon Stake Family Preparedness Committee Members


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