When I think of  survival guns, I think of guns I’m willing to bet my life on;  like a proven xDM, M&P …and AR15s, but once you have those, I think of “get home guns” and what comes to my mind is

  • S&W M&P 22 pistol
  • Lever action 357
  • keltec su 16 (underfolder .556)
  • Ruger take-down backpacker


I’ve written about these on my blog. I really like having a 22 pistol that is lightweight, carry hundreds of cartridges for small game, signalling & in a pinch self-defense.  22lr is NOT a self-defense cartridge! Imagine already being knifed, hit with brick/bat and you need to stop the attack NOW…before going unconscious.


I’m considering adding the new ruger PC carbine that takes glock mags to my “get home systems”.


I’m kind of waiting for a non-ruger and non-glock mag version 🙂



My buddy Craig of lake mountain guns says he’ll beat or match budsguns.com! (generally). I’ve ordered a new “get home” system called the midland backpacker 12 ga. Its an break-open action.

Niche being hitting flying/quick game for food in a get home system. Its also very short (& legal) and folds up for discrete storage.

Craig of lake mountain guns is willing to do a group buy on these midland backpackers, let me know if you are interested.


Video of midland backpacker:

Jack mentioned them on the podcast “bug out trailer” pt3.



I’m taking notes on the podcast (bug out trailers) and I’m putting them on the bottom of my blog:





I think it’d fit under the seat of my UTV 🙂
but my ruger 10/22 take down backpacker lives there!


My buddy Craig can get these midland shotguns for about $140(if we do a group buy of 3-4).


I think the 18.5” 12 ga is the way to go. Being able to store it in a compact area is key 😉


There are several models:



ADD to a small folding shotgun is adapters kits. Feeding almost any ammo to your shotgun.


To me, I’d rather have a sighted in 9mm pistol or 22 pistol/rifle (or best would be a 30cal rifle), but for a little bit more you could have a shoot anything system. The downside is you have suckie sights…that are likely not sighted in for your new cartridge you just “fantasy picked up to fight the zombies”.


Here is a small “stack kit”


Dave Canterbury really like this shotgun system for outdoor survival.



For me, I’d rather have a 454 with snapshot 😉

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