To say I’m a big supporter of TheSurvivalPodcast (TSP) is not to fully express my passion for supporting this community.  TSP has been life changing! No more “panic preps”, but systematic & life-preparedness for if things get tough or even if they don’t.   LIFE HAPPENS! Foundational money management, resource investment, cost savings on food storage, water storage, etc etc. From guns to gardening.

I’ve listened to over 1750 TSP episodes that avg about 90 minutes or more EACH.

So, I was thrilled to hear Jack Spirko talk about Liberty Fox Defense in his podcast!

100,000 + podcast listeners heard about libertyfoxdefense!!!!

April 18th, 2016!
July 27, 2016

Here is the link to the podcast!
Jump to 1:20:40


He mentioned my website 1:38:45 (yeah, that is 1 hour 38 minutes
into the show!)

Here is the audio of JUST the LFD reference in the podcast!

April 18, 2016:

July 27, 2016:


My TSP Business Directory Listing


Here are some screenshots to archival purposes!

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