Learn weapons manipulation, the law (State and Federal) regarding firearms and justified use of deadly force.

WHAT TO BRING to the CFP Class:

1) Please bring govt issued photo ID (so we can confirm who you are, so we can transfer that information onto your application to State of Utah.

2) Bring a notebook to take notes (8.5×11 sheet is recommended, that way you can include it with my handout).

3) IF you have a “questionable” criminal history, you may want to call BCI and confirm you can obtain a CFP.
(801) 965-4445

4) Be prepared to have your photo taken, to be included in your application to BCI

5) Be prepared to have your finger prints taken, to be included in your application to BCI.

6) Extra cash; in case you want to purchase Mitch Vilo’s books.

7) Class runs about 7 hours. I keep it interesting and I have a lot of things to share that keep most students engaged the whole time.

8) Come prepared to introduce yourself briefly and what you want to get out of the class. Or your intended purpose of CFP.

9) do NOT bring gun(s) NOR AMMO

10) arrive early so we can get you checked in and seated. We start promptly ON TIME.

Think of this class as “govt minimum awareness training” (the most amount of people “certified” for the least amount of money).

You will have a good understanding of the legal risks and how to manage those. Managing “criminal risks” will need to be mitigated by ongoing continuing “defensive firearms” training.

Next Steps After your CFP

I HIGHLY recommend the following as next steps:

First I highly recommend Mitch Vilo’s book(s): http://firearmslaw.com/index.html

I will try to have enough copies for students wanting Mitch’s “Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States” and “Utah Gun Law”

I will include highlights from his books in my lecture.

Second,  I HIGHLY recommend you attend Marksmanship Matters for gun handling, tactics, malfunction and combat mindset.

By reading all of Larry and Stacey’s articles, you will be miles ahead of most CFP carriers.


1) Read ALL of Larry Mudgett’s articles (see below). Print and include in a binder to be marked/studied and re-viewed.

2) Memorize and internalize the four safety rules

  1. ALL guns are ALWAYS loaded
  2. NEVER allow the muzzle to cover ANYTHING you are not willing to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger OFF the trigger until your sights are on the target and you intend to shoot.
  4. Be sure of your target.

3) Read and study Larry’s “Pre-training info”.

4) If you are a NEW SHOOTER, do NOT go to the range. It will take considerable effort to undo the damage done by reinforcing bad habits including flinching, mashing the trigger etc.


Larry & Stacey Mudgett articles:

Why surrender is NEVER an option!  (Required reading for our CFP class)

The armed citizen’s creed: (Required reading for our CFP class)

Why do I need a rifle:

Professional Firearms Training

What Gun should I buy?

There are only 3 types of people

Myths and misconceptions

Family Preparedness

 Misc Articles:

Children and Guns in the Home

Common Mistakes Gun Owners Make




Application for Utah CFP

* Reciprocity with other states:

* Women and Conceal carry options: http://www.youtube.com/user/faliaphotography/videos?query=conceal

* holster purses:

** http://www.guntotenmamas.com/ ( I can beat Amazon by 30%)

** http://warrior-creek.com/ (I can save you 30-40%)

Most publicized use of justified deadly force (Zimmerman Case)

Tactical Medicine (critical!)

How-to-Israeli Bandage Dressing (IBD)


How-to-Apply Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)




* Our recommended 9mm ammo: http://sgammo.com/search/node/127%20ranger


Visual Map of Crimes in your zipcode!



1) regardless of how many people vote against our guns, we have a RIGHT in a constitutional republic to OWN and use guns to defend ourselves. (what part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand?)

2) regardless of law, opinion, popular vote etc. we have a RIGHT to defend ourselves.

3) there are 300 million guns in America, 20,000 gun laws and millions of criminals ignoring laws. LAWS will NOT solve this problem. GOOD PEOPLE with guns WILL SOLVE the criminals. If the criminals have guns, you have better be sure you have guns too!!!

4) ANYTIME we NEED the govt for something, we give them MORE POWER. We do NOT need the govt to protect us from mass-shootings/criminals. We need the govt to pass laws to ALLOW us to protect ourselves. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND (so called gun-free/free-fire zones).

5) when a crime is in progress, there are ONLY TWO TYPES of people there. First the VICTIM and second, the AGGRESSOR. Only the victim can (help themselves) defend themselves. I’ve talked to many many cops whom  have been cops for decades and they have NEVER stopped a crime in progress or proactively stopped a crime. Some pray, “I hope they attack someone else”, that is NOT CHRISTIAN. I hope they attack me vs my neighbor, because I’m ready and I’d rather deal with their garbage and stop the threat; so they don’t attack other GOOD people.

6) it upsets me the NRA suggests a federal agent be in every school to protect our children. That gives the FEDS MORE CONTROL/POWER. The solution to mass-school shootings is concealed carry OPTION for teachers. They have the CHOICE to carry! Pass a law that makes schools NO-LONGER free-fire zones!

See this article about the NRA:


7) ABOVE ALL THE REST, we are MORALLY OBLIGATED to protect ourselves, and in so doing, protecting our spouses and children. There are 7 people that depend on me, and I take protecting them…by protecting me VERY SERIOUSLY.  We are ALSO MORALLY OBLIGATED to disable/stop attackers from attacking others (our Christian neighbors).  LADIES, do NOT put ALL the responsibility on your husbands/BFs. Be a TEAM in defending each other and your families! (Also, Ladies, is your husband with your 24x7x365? NO. What will his life be like if you are attacked? What will your marriage be like, if you are attacked? What kind of mother will you be like, if you are attacked? Its like insurance, you hope you never use it, but when you NEED IT, you REALLY NEED IT.



1) We have a right to military style rifles(AKA Freedom Rifles)!

2) JUSTIFIED in using deadly force to resist FALSE arrest/weapons confiscation.



TEACHERS, I will give you 20% off my Utah CFP course. Just provide documentation that you are a govt school teacher.  Home schoolers get 30% Off. 




First half of 2011:

Other years:


Excellent principles for ladies using defensive pistols


Similar to our “Custom Foxy Tuck” Holsters










In case the link goes bad:





In case that link goes bad:




Barber Shop robbery




Internet cafe shooting:



I do NOT agree with run hide fight, I believe we should all have a plan & be prepared.

#1) “stop the attack” with lethal force, that you always have with you.

#2) running out of the area in a zig zag…almost always works. This is what I train my kids to do.

#3) have a get-home kit (medical kit etc) – many locations are locked down for 10 hours. Bleeding to death is a very real risk, before EMT arrive & the scene is safe.

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