So, you want to build the ideal AR15 without breaking the bank?



1) Fill out the pre-order of the ar15 parts you want to order from Austin

West Desert Tactical ar15 Completion kit includes:

  1. Completed Upper – M4 barrel (non-chrome-lined). Free float and smooth handgaurd, with modular rails (place them only where you need the rails!)
  2. Lower parks kit(LPK) – this is the grip, trigger assembly-EVERYthing you need to complete the lower.
  3. Stock/buffer-tube kit. Everything you need to complete the stock.
  4. EVERYTHING you need for a functional ar15, EXCEPT it does NOT include a stripped lower receiver.

Assembling your ar15 stripped lower receiver(THIS video is pretty much what we do in the workshop, but w/o the fancy tools):

Here is how I assemble an ar15 without specialized tools (though I do own a lot of ar15 armor’s tools).



GroupBuy Austin's Upper(s)

Prices INCLUDE sales tax.
kits include two keymod rail sections (keymod attachment system with a rail).

free assembly workshop at

Once you submit your pre-order via this form, we will send you Austin's address to send payment and his phone number.

SEE PHOTOS BELOW FOR WHICH "Completion Kit" you want to buy.

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See Thomas’ Recommended upgrades



Pictures of Austin’s/West Desert Tactical Completion Kit:

TOP ar15 is the Alas (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

BOTTOM is the p1812 (THOMAS recommended)

p1812 bottom


middle p1812




MIDDLE: p1812


MIDDLE: p1812

MIDDLE: p1812


Middle: p1812



p1812 4.3 lbs


Atlas 4.06



I wish I could do an ar15 group-buy, but that is against the law (the person buying the gun MUST be the owner–no straw purchase!).  So, you will need to buy your own ar15 stripped lower receiver.


Details on a “stripped lower receiver”.

  1. The govt considers it “the gun” and the lower is serialized. So, you can NOT do a group buy on lowers!

  2. You pay for the lower online, the online vendor sends it to your FFL. When you go pick up the lower, its a “gun transfer” to you from the FFL. Usually your FFL will charge you about $20 to transfer the item to you.

  3. Other than the stripped lower receiver, you can have EVERYTHING else shipped directly to your house.

  4. You need a special license to manufacture ar15 for sale, but its ok to build one for your personal use.

$50 lower receiver is the best price I’ve ever seen!


I will teach you how to assemble w/o expensive tools, but you do need a few general tools.
If you don’t have these already and it will be a hardship, you may use my tools.


  • ar15 parts to assemble (your own lower, lower parts kit & stock kit–IF you buy from WDA “completion kit”, you have all this)
  • Best punches(lifetime guarantee). OR “ok punches”
  • gorilla  tape (use this as an improvised pounding block AND to protect your lower from hammer scratches)
  •  Pencil (old school wooden pencil with eraser)
  1. non-marring hammer (nylon, leather, brass – whatever you have). This is the one I have…and I LOVE IT
  2. channel locks (almost required)
  3. large towel or old small blanket
  4. notebook – pad of paper to take notes on.
  5. snack or treat to share with others.
  6. needle nose pliers
  7. warm jacket to stay warm in garage(if cold time of year)

For the tools-geeks:

  1. Wheeler AR Pivot Pin/Roll Pin Install Tool

  2. Gerber Short Stack AR-15 Maintenance Tool (you MIGHT use this during the workshop, then store it in your magpul pistol grip for field us!
  3. Rock River castle nut wrench. awesome, I own two! 

 Class Rules!

1) do NOT attach complete upper and complete lower without permission. Once a complete gun is together, it IS a gun and must be treated as such.
2) safety violations will result in being asked to leave — immediately.
3) gun parts are gun parts.

UPPER, bottom view

upper – top view

Option two from Austin:

Option two – quad rail

smooth or rail “completion kit”, same price from Austin.

You’ll also need magazines & sights. Buy a 10pack, you’ll be glad you did…after the next “panic”:

The pmags are in vogue, but I much prefer the brownells ar15 mags (milspec):

I recommend these for iron sights:

Value optics:  Trs-25

Other Options for “completing your lower”

  1. build kit that has everything except the lower:

  2. OR you can do the parts

    1. buffer tube kit:

      the trick is, the stock and tube MUST match. There is commercial OR milspec.

    2. IF you have some extra money, I LOVE the RRA National Match two-stage triggers!
      seriously, if I was going to upgrade my ar15 and I had an extra $100, I’d put it into the RRA two stage national match trigger! I have a couple of these and they are AWESOME!

    3. completed uppers: your choice, there are hundreds of options:
      For your first ar15, 16” standard barrel is just fine. I would stay away from “quad-rails”, they are heavy & sharp. The magpul moe handgaurds & stock/pistol grip is pretty awesome!
      your upper should be able to accept 223 & 556!

Build articles:



HELPFUL VIDEOS…that also “incent” you to buy tools


Thomas’ Build sequence

team-up. 4 hands are better than two!

see also:

1) trigger guard roll pin. Use trigger guard to support ears.  needle nose hold the roll pin and use a punch to get it started. Consider setting ears on role of tape. (most risky first 😉

2) start the bolt release roll pin (do NOT push too far). Once started insert bolt catch assembly.  Use channel lock pliers with gorrila tape on the jaws to protect finish. Tape lower to protect finish.(2nd most risky second).

Now, everything is easy from here on out!

– mage release assembly, trick over push in mag button to thread on.

3) prepare trigger assembly





use punch to align trigger assemble, and push out the punch with the pin

capture the hammer with a punch, push the punch out with the pin.


razor blade to capture the front-take-down-pin (CAREFUL not to launch/lose your pin!) (WORK AS A TEAM, and point “launch” in a safe direction (so you can find your pin if you DO launch it).



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