March 7, 2015

Foxy Tuck Designed for a Glock 23

Dear Friends:

Over the last 3 months, I have been wearing and testing a new Inside-the-Waistband holster.  It has become my favorite holster (IWB or Belt) by far, easily and comfortably concealing a service-sized Glock 19/23/32. 

Every Foxy-Tuck holster is hand-made by my new Good Friend Thomas Erickson whom I met during a course in the high desert mountains outside Saratoga Springs, UT last June.  Both Thomas and his holsters have my highest recommendation. 

I have worn kydex IWB Blade-Tech holsters (and leather IWB holsters by Milt Sparks, Horseshoe Leather, Mitch Rosen, and others) for more than 30 years.  The Foxy-Tuck is far superior.  It is simply the best holster I have worn for comfort and concealment!  It mates a kydex outer portion with a thick cowhide inner (next to body) section, with smooth-side facing the weapon and rough-side out, both sides in a stingray shape with widely-spaced belt clips that distributes weight evenly and allows a firm anchor of the holstered weapon comfortably against your body in such a way that the entire system stays put without allowing your pants to slip and sag!  No need for suspenders!  Its design positions the weapon much closer into the body than would an all-kydex version, and this aids the “concealability” of the system.  I’m not sure exactly what makes it so comfortable, but it is! 

The one criticism I had was regarding the metal steel-spring belt clips.  Although very functional, they tended to scratch my leather gunbelts and had the potential to gouge leather, wood or upholstered chairs or seats unless well-covered with a thick cover garment.  The answer to this was substituting kydex clips for the metal ones.  (See link below.)  That made my Foxy-Tuck the perfect IWB holster. 

UPDATE: Thomas now offers metal or kydex belt clips for no extra charge!

The one additional comment I have comes as the natural result of the holstered weapon being held so much closer (30-50%) into the body than would be possible using an all-kydex IWB
design: it is slightly harder to reholster. There is a learning curve involved that can easily be mastered through practice but it is easier to reholster into the wider mouth of the rigid all-kydex
designs. However the negligible decrease in reholstering ease/speed is more than compensated by the increased comfort, concealability and anchoring effect of the Foxy-Tuck design.


<paste email from Doc Gunn>

I LOVE IT ALL!  The G43 mag pouch is perfect.

Your Kydex clips are perfect.

Both holsters are great!!

I love the flashlight holder!   I will use it frequently, if not constantly.




My Summary of the Foxy-Tuck is as follows:


Superior concealment holster. 

Unique Features And Strengths:

1/. Extreme comfort and concealability.

2/. Tucks very close to body.

3/. Very good at “anchoring” the handgun/holster to the body, preventing shifting and preventing the weighted-down pants from slipping and sagging. 

1/. The metal spring steel clips used. These are in a position to gouge chairs and car-seats, or the overlying cover garment.  They may also mark leather gunbelts. 

Solution to Possible Weaknesses:

1/. Replace the steel spring clips with kydex QD clips, such as these from

(Thomas is looking into supplying kydex clips as an alternate to his usual steel ones for customers who request them.) 

THE purpose of an IWB is concealment.  The Foxy-Tuck does that admirably, better than any other.  It is also very comfortable and uniquely anchors the pistol, belt and pants against the body without slipping down!  Most highly recommended!

Each Foxy Tuck has the following scripture stamped into the leather.
“The Lord has said that: Ye shall defend your families even unto bloodshed. …to defend themselves, and their families, and their lands, their country, and their rights, and their religion.”  Alma 43: 47

Respectfully Submitted, 

Doc Gunn




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