Shouldn’t firearms have a muffler to protect our hearing?

In 1934 our government cared so much for our safety, they passed the NFA act (National Firearms Act).

By passing this act, they can tax you for the privilege of having a hearing protection device on your firearm.


Today, that $200 tax isn’t so bad due to inflation.
$200 in 1934 adjusted for inflation would be $3,561.76 in August 2015’s money.
1680.9% (adjustment…yet another not-so-hidden tax so the govt can protect us from ourselves).


Newsflash, suppressors are ON-SALE!

For me, the niche is for long-range precision shooting & hunting (less felt recoil and the bullet gets put out into the air in a gentler manner–not to mention in fantasy land, protecting your homestead your enemy won’t be able to detect your location).

For handguns its kind of a range toy IMO. YEAH, they are fun. But, try concealing a suppressor, or try making a holster for one.

I recently toured (2 hour tour) silencerco and can say they have a world-class manufacturing process/facility.
They are a growing company here in Utah. If you need a quality suppressor, I highly recommend silencerco. I’ve used nearly all of their products and they are top-notch AWESOMENESS!

sparrow – good for 22lr to 5.7 (including 22 mag). you can maintain this suppressor yourself (22 LR are one of the dirtiest calibers).

osprey – good for 45 acp down to 9mm (or smaller). not recommended for 9×25. You may not need “higher sights”.

octane – good for pistol calibers including 9×25, but you’ll be adding a shload of ‘high sights” to all your goodies.

salvo – for your 12 ga, so you can protect your hearing & your dogs hearing while shooting birds

There are many more suppressors for rifles, I suggest you go to:



Should I transfer the suppressor to me personally or to an NFA Gun Trust?

ANSWER: For someone with a family, I HIGHLY recommend getting an NFA Gun Trust to transfer all your NFA Items to.

I have an NFA Gun Trust Attorney doing a FREE WORKSHOP

NFA Gun Trust FAQ with Attorney Pete Lattin (Provo)


If I’ve already transferred NFA items to myself personally, what is the process to transfer it to an NFA Gun Trust?

Ask Attorney Lattin at the workshop 😉


What are the advantages of an NFA Gun Trust?

1) Those in your trust as trustee can “possess” NFA items while you are at work, dead, detained or “falsely accused in a crime”(recall, many criminal charges includes you not being able to legally posses firearms, including NFA items).

2) When you fill our your paperwork to the ATF (BATFE) you don’t need fingerprints nor sheriff’s approval letter.

3) You can add trustees forever, your great-great great grandkids can “operate/possess” NFA

items held by the trust.

4) My impression is, transfers with trusts get processed quicker.

What are NFA Items?

In short, anything fun the govt can separate you from your money for.

1) hearing protection devices AKA suppressors

2) short barreled rifles (under 16″)

3) short barreled shotguns (under 18″).

4) fully automatic firearms

5) “any other weapons” destructive devices


Where should I buy NFA items? is a great resource.

West Desert Arms (Austin) charges only $50 to do all the ATF’d paperwork. Do you really want to go to impact guns and pay full retail?

How long does it take after I buy my NFA item to transfer it to me, so I can go play with it?

Currently about 4-6 months.


How do I make my trust “bullet proof”?

1) pay an attorney to do it right and back you up in the future. Having an attorney’s signature on your “certificate of trust” and trust is priceless IMO.

2) get an EIN number to prove your trust is legit

3) anything the trust buys, should be bought with a cashiers check FROM the trust (thus your trust should have its own bank account).

4) Your trust should have “gun trust” in the name.

5) have a trust book, that has all your paperwork inside.


Can the NRA jacka** acting as a range safety officer OR local law enforcement REQUIRE that I show them my ATF paperwork?

No, its against the law for anyone to require to see your “tax return” except for an ATF agent or an IRS agent.


What sequence should I follow?

1) contact a qualified NFA Gun Trust attorney (maybe they can help you with your family trust too) and get your trust squared away. You should have TWO walls of separation, your NFA Gun Trust AND your Family Trust. NFA items go to the NFA trust, everything else goes to the Family Trust.

2) arrange with a class3 FFL dealer to handle the paperwork

3) research & test the NFA item you would like to purchase. Hopefully you have a friend that can let you evaluate the NFA item you are interested in.

4) purchase your NFA item using your trust.

5) once the NFA item comes in to your FFL dealer, get the SN and fill out the paperwork and send it into the ATF with your $200 tax stamp (that YOUR TRUST paid for).

6) wait for “govt efficiency” — about 4-6 months

7) when you get your $200 scam-stamp your ffl provider will contact you and have you complete the transaction.

8) go home and enjoy your NFA item, keeping it secure…very secure. That would be a bad day, filling out the lost/stolen NFA item form!


What other resources are there for learning about NFA guidelines/processes?


2) Thomas’ free NFA Gun Trust workshop taught by an attorney.

3) trusted friends that have been through the process.

4) an ATTORNEY that you have hired to help you!  If you are your attorney, you have a fool for a client 😉

5) and scroll down to silencerco’s FAQ





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