What do you want most for Christmas?

I’m often asked, how did you get your wife to get professional firearms training?

I say, I told her all I wanted for my birthday/Christmas was for her to take a defensive handgun class. IT WORKED!

So, when your loved one asked you, what do you want for Christmas. Say, I’ll watch the kids, I want you to take a 5 day pistol class from Marksmanship Matters!

Try it and let me know how it works for you!




#1 Give the gift of REAL protection & responsibility.  Depending on your prepper, this may include a Utah Conceal Carry class, a “Custom Foxy Tuck Holster” (10% off in Nov. & Dec)., or THE best defensive handgun training in the world by Marksmanship Matters!

Of course, there is never a better time to buy a FREEDOM RIFLE. I can’t believe how cheap ar15s and ak47s are these days! BUY 3 of them, sell one at the next panic and pay for all of them!



Warrior Purse (HOT!)

I would LOVE to do a group-buy, get dealer pricing for you on these! Its not too late to do a group buy for Warrior Purses before Christmas!


I can get you dealer pricing on

Gun Tote’n Mamas (hundreds of purses to choose from, yeah-I can get you dealer pricing! Just tell me which model you want)



I don’t remember a Christmas I have not asked for preparedness items. When I was younger, I was getting scouting gear (sleeping bag, tent, hatchet, survival gear). When I was older its a multi-tool, knife or gun.



1) Large & Small Gun Safes.

LockSAF biometric (beat Amazon by $50!)

MY review of the biometric pistol safe (awesome…perfection!)

AND my Everyday Carry (EDC) system of onboarding/offboarding each morning and each evening. Also, “part” of my system for reducing risk of home evasion.



Bluedot Gunsafes (I can get you dealer pricing!)

If you want me to help you get half-off, contact me on “Gun Safes”


I’m going to refer to my Everyday Carry (EDC) list. Serious, I was WAY excited to open some of these goodies Christmas morning…years past.



Be able to charge your communication device (cell phone!)


One of my all-time-fav-watches! NEVER replace the battery!



My favorite “dress pants” to carry all my EDC stuff!


hard to beat for $35!

This maybe the LAST EDC knife you buy!

I bought one of these last year, and its one of my fav!




I’ve carried one of these for 4+ years everyday! PERFECTION for under $30


another “EDC Perfection”. 4+ years EDC!


streamlight tlr-3, compact weapon mounted light PERFECTION


mechanix gloves, perfection on the range or in the shop!

Rifle grab-n-go bag perfection

recon, dog hearing, tactical advantage in your home, etc

TALL shirt perfection (IMO)


Battle Dressing (EDC 1st aid)


Well, I’ve gotten a knife for every Christmas I can ever remember.

So, I may get this one:



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