Thomas’ Ruger 10/22 mods and recommendations.

Philosophy of use (POU): not initial/nor beginner training rifle(first trainer should be a bolt action 22 IMO, so as they don’t just keep pulling the trigger, each shot counts—once they understand/do that, then they can move up to a ruger 10-22/semi-auto 22.

This list will help you prepare for an Appleseed rifle training (HIGHLY recommended!).

Building a Ruger 10/22 “Liberty Rifle”:

Liberty Training Rifle

Reminder, My article  “Freedom Rifle”?


Before you get too far down the road with a Ruger 10/22 build-out. Take a look at S&W M&P ar15-22!
Please note, CURRENTLY appleseed does NOT allow M&P ar15-22, due to safety issues.

Nutnfancy’s review of the S&W AR15-22:

James Yager’s thoughts on Ruger 10/22 & SW M&P ar15-22 (odd he came to the same conclusions).

One thing he did NOT point out, is with a 22 conversion kit, you have ONE rifle for bug-out, and you can shoot the 22 LR or 223/556.

M&P ar15-22 — $389 delivered to your FFL!


Lets do some math:

Ruger 10/22 for $300 (ok, I’ve bought a bunch of these for $200 is off classifieds)
tech sights for $70
tapco stock $100 (super handy for different sized shooters)
trigger upgrade $33
bolt release $10
extended mag release $5
TOTAL=$540 ish. PLUS the hassle of ordering, assembling. Your kids will LOVE the way the ar15-22 looks and feels too!


Features I like on the M&P ar15-22

1) bolt hold open
2) threaded barrel
3) 25 round mags
4) same muscle memory as the ar15.
5) shooting steel targets up close & on the move is FUN with a 22!  not so fun with a 223/556 (cuz the steel is too close for 556)!
6) sure you can get a CMMG ar15 conversion kit to .22 (which I own and love), but I wish I’d spent an extra $200 bucks and gotten a M&P ar15-22 instead!
7) GI sights…built in! no upgrading!

Years ago, I had a goal to get each of my kids their own Ruger 10/22…then I figured, they need to EARN it by shooting accurately. 5 hits on steel spinners of 6 rounds total, and they earn a Ruger 10/22.

Re-thinking, I should have a “skills evaluation test” for my kids/posterity:

test1: steel spinners, reward is a M&P ar15-22
test2: combat handgun professional training graduate (40 hours or more), reward is a M&P 22 pistol or xd 9mm.
test3: combat rifle professional training graduate (40 hours or more), reward is an ar15.

THAT will pretty much guarantee that my kids and posterity “catch the vision” and hopefully they pass that onto all of their kids!

Of course these “tools” will remain in my safe…until they are adults & responsible!

Ruger 10/22 Mods SORTED in order of priority.

** tech-sights (brownells gives me a NICE discount on these for the trs200, I get these for under $67!).
Having GI sights is worth every penny!

** sling
Get a non-single-point-sling! I prefer the GI slings for appleseed, and nearly EVERY other context.

** tapco t6 stock…for large & small shooters. If you are 6’5” or 5’2”, the telescoping stock is awesome for that perfect fit!

Or, if you have a Ruger take-down 10/22, check out the magpul backpacker! So nice it is one unit, so its not rolling around in your pack banging against the other half!

Magpul backpacker stock in FDE

Magpul backpacker stock in FDE


**Improved trigger (my precision rifle and my 1022 are the only ones with improved triggers…just so you don’t think I’m a trigger snob. well, my ar15s have the RRA national match 2 stage too.

** bolt release (as they should come from the factory)
I hate dealing with that default bolt release, you have to magically pull the bolt back and work the rocker-lever magically in order to lock it back and to release it! Whoever designed that…is defective!

** extended mag release

Magpul came out with a “backpacker” stock for the Ruger 10/22 takedown!


Ruger came out with a drop-in trigger assembly that greatly improves the trigger, but it does NOT include the bolt-release feature.  I would recommend just getting the VOLQUARTSEN – 10/22® DROP-IN HAMMER & VOLQUARTSEN – RUGER® 10/22® BOLT RELEASE

The above should all be ordered and installed at the same time. There are hundreds of mods, but these will give you the most bang for your buck!


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3 Responses to Ruger 10/22 mods

  1. Derek says:

    Thanks Thomas these are some awesome mods. I love the stock, will have to get one for my 10/22!
    Thanks again for sharing

  2. Kirk says:

    I love that stock for the takedown. Not a bad price either. Will a 25 round banana magazine fit in the stock? Probably better with 4 mags of 10.

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