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Consider upgrading to the EMP Proof Extreme Lock for your gun safe!

Each safe is rated for 1700 degrees for 60 minutes!

Door 1.25′ Composite – Body: 12 Gauge Steel – Hinge: Steel Pin 1/2 Diameter, 2 3/4

Length, On top of 10mm Steel Ball Bearing

1.25″ Diameter bolts (2 top, 2 bottom, 7 left, 7 right (deadbolts))


EMP Proof Gun safes



24 Long Gun Safe–504 lbs



31 Long Gun Safe-670 lbs



51 Long Gun Safe-970 lbs



For pistol gun safe

we recommend LockSaf Personal Biometric Safe (again, we beat Amazon’s prices–fill out our “I’m interested in gunsafe” form above and we will get you a quote.

LOCKSAF Personal Biometric Safe

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Watch this youtube video of this safe at a recent hacker conference (Defecon).

I suggest you skip to about minute 19 in the youtube video: