I often have the need to use 22 shorts…suppressed or otherwise. I tested this and found it to work with ruger 10/22 & ruger American Rimfire.

So, start with an empty 10/22 magazine. First bullet in, is a 22 LR. 2nd round in is the 22 short!

The 22 LR helps provide support for the 22 short to feed properly.

Here is a video of me proving it works.

How to feed 22 shorts in a 22 long rifle

I tried every other cartridge, but it didn’t work. I think the 22 short allows the longs to tip inward and thus it doesn’t work.

Just load 1 22lr and 1 22short in multiple mags 😉  Hey, this beats trying to chamber feed a 22 short…with needle nose pliers.

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